For the Insomniac

I made a playlist with some of the songs that I listen to when I can’t sleep. Feel free to leave me suggestions in my inbox for songs to add.

listen here

// James Blake - Lindisfarne II // alt-j - Interlude II // Alex Turner - Glass In The Park // mistersparrow - Still Right Here // Ian Miles - 11.11 // Joey Vannucchi - I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry // OK GO - Last Leaf // The Blue Skies - Clarity // From Indian Lakes - The Bells // alt-J - Arrival In Nara // James Blake - Measurements // Alex Turner - Hiding Tonight // Half Moon Run - Need It // Arctic Monkeys - Too Much To Ask // tigertown - Still Breathing // General Fiasco - This Is Living // Hungry Kids of Hungary - No Returns // Tom Milsom - Ibrox // Mesita - Nothing // Chet Faker - No Diggity // Tom Milsom - Dreams //

  • Panic Dots:Why is the album titled Buildings?
  • Owen Strathern:Its Buildings because it feels like things have to build up and get so bad before anyone one does anything about it, people have a hard time confronting problems and seem content to sit with them until it gets to the stage where its so bad that they can’t anymore. If people were more honest with themselves I think they could be happier.