goldenharmony asked:

What was your first impression for all of these characters?: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and the sailor starlights.

Great question! For the sake of limiting my responses and encouraging creative integrity, I am going to answer solely in haiku.

Sailor Moon
average teenage girl—
the “anime heroine”
is strong with this one.

Sailor Mercury
your need to excel
reminds me much of myself
hahahaha nerd

Sailor Mars
awesome shrine maiden
she will exorcise your face
if necessary

Sailor Jupiter
the token tomboy—
but wait, she cooks and cleans and
wrecks stereotypes

Sailor Venus
yes good excellent
there are valid reasons for
saving best for last

Sailor Chibimoon
this is odd yet sweet.
such a cute kid. what is she—

Tuxedo Mask
what the hell is this
why the top hat? why the cape?
make this man shut up

Sailor Pluto
why on earth doesn’t
this show revolve around you?
i think i’m in love

Sailor Uranus
you’re serious, but
with your plaid pants and red shirt
you look like christmas

Sailor Neptune
your sarcasm is 
so delicate and gentle
please teach me your ways

Sailor Saturn
this child is rocking
the chic casual goth look
even though she’s 9

Sailor Starlights
who are these three dorks
doing tuxedo mask’s job
your boots are so tall

“I’m already crying about how much I love Vince I REALLY want Night Terror to be a real game within the century and to see Pilot to be an actual cartoon.. I mean there’s just so much support already and it’s not even out yet!”

anonymous asked:

Are self-inserts bad? I've done several online tests to make sure mine isn't a Mary Sue, and I can separate myself from the character, so is it ok that I based them off myself?

The only thing that really makes self-inserts ‘bad’ is the person behind them responding negatively to constructive criticism (if it comes up). Often times, people take it personally, believing that the person is saying negative things about THEM and not the character that they’ve based on themselves. So, they take offense and become rather upset. This is something I’ve observed many, many times throughout my years of roleplay.

It’s a touchy line to walk on if you’re easily offended or can’t separate yourself from a character based on you. You just have to accept that not everyone is going to like the character, but it doesn’t mean those traits about YOU are bad.

 If you can do that, you should be fine.

"Ouch! You little bastard!" You curse at the pot which just burnt your hand.
"I heard yelling. Are you okay?" Sungmin says as he walks into the kitchen.
"I’m fine. I burnt my hand on the pot, that’s all."
"Let me see." Sungmin gently prises your hand from your own and cradles it in his soft palms. There is an angry red burn across your palm and on your fingers. It tingles with pain and you can feel the skin blistering already. Who knew cooking a meal for you and Sungmin for your anniversary could be so dangerous?
"That looks bad. You poor thing," Sungmin coos before leading you over to the sink. He turns on the cold tap and waits for a few seconds until it is really cold before gently putting your hand under the stream of water. You flinch at the pressure of the water hitting the sensitive skin of the burn and Sungmin turns the tap down a little. His hand lovingly cradles your injured one under the water.
"It feels better now, Sungmin."
Sungmin shakes his head.
"You have to hold it under cold water for 10 minutes."
"10 minutes?! But I have dinner to finish preparing!"
"It can wait," Sungmin says with a smile. "You’re more important than dinner."
You keep your hand under the water while Sungmin reaches to the top of the far cupboard for the first-aid kit before rifling through until he finds a bandage. After 10 minutes has passed, Sungmin turns off the tap and tenderly dries your hand with a towel, taking special care not to rub your injured skin. He carefully unravels the bandage a little and then wraps it around and around your hand, his soft fingers grazing against your skin. He cuts the bandage to size with scissors and tucks the end neatly into a fold, then brings your hand up to his face and presses a soft kiss to the bandage where your boo-boo is.
"All better," he says with another adorable smile.
"Thank you, doctor," you joke. He chuckles and you press a kiss to his cheek. You can’t hide the shiver that makes your body tremble. That water made the rest of your body cold. Without a word, Sungmin unzips his hoodie, shrugs it off and holds it out for you to put on. You smile gratefully at him and slip into it. Sungmin zips it up for you and rubs your arms to warm you up.
It was a bit difficult to finish the dinner with your injured hand, so Sungmin helped you. It made it taste that much better knowing that the two of you had accomplished something together, as well as Sungmin was there to help when you needed it and come to your rescue when you were hurt.


So I was making a music playlist on youtube and I found this. 

Published on Nov 6, 2014

All renditions (at least all versions I could find) of Dearly Beloved, organized in chronological order.
Click on the game’s logo to go to its respective Dearly Beloved theme.

Time marks for mobile users:
00:07 Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]
05:08 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
10:27 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - A Link to The Future ver. -
12:00 Kingdom Hearts
13:45 Kingdom Hearts - REPRISE ver. -
15:01 Kingdom Hearts: Re/Chain of Memories
17:19 Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
20:05 Kingdom Hearts II
24:20 Kingdom Hearts II - REPRISE ver. -
26:58 Kingdom Hearts: Re/coded
29:47 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
32:24 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - The Next Awakening ver. -
35:53 Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD ReMIX
39:20 Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX
41:47 Kingdom Hearts (I.5 HD ReMIX ver.)
45:21 Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (I.5 HD ReMIX ver.)