Samurai, megaton, with force equivalent to atom bombs
I raise the mic like swords and bombs of Galvatron
Reflect the light stream of sunbeams
Aim at a distant planet, too disturbingly
Hear the stars scream, “Firecrack the apparatus!”
Black the skies like laser beams, I’m Prime like Optimus
Who wanna test the deadly force I’m always hostile with?
I colonize my words and verbs on the lands of Unicron
As I’m droppin’ Firebombz
—  Memphis reigns (firebombz)

I was nominated by freestyleyourdestiny
Birthday: Nov, 28 1991 SAGITTARIUS
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: straight
Favorite color: I like red, black, and gray
Current date and time: Saturday 12/20/14 12:12AM
Average hours of sleep: 6 
Lucky number: 29 
Last thing I googled: Genelec and Memphis reigns
First word that comes to mind: peace
One place that makes me happy: any where with a good natural view or a nice curvy road
How many blankets do I sleep under- 2 
Favorite fictional character: avatar aang
Favorite book: music and the mind Favorite anime: attack on titans Favorite TV shows: top gear I guess but I have been watching a lot of Nat Geo tv
Dream vacation: New Zealand Dream Wedding: I never gave to much taught on a dream wedding as much as dream wife lol
Dream job: psychologist or emcee lol what ever I’m better at

I nominate: damnngurlll jess552 kimmyvondoom macstabr559 prettyreefer


Recording session with @rullysiianipar
Produced by: Rully Sianipar & Satrio Pratomo
Mixed and Mastered by: Satrio Pratomo
iTunes Buy Link: #throwback #recording #mixing #mastering #musicproduction #producer #protools #c24 #prsguitar #mesaboogie #vmproduction #millenia #avalon #focalsolo6 #genelec #rodent5 #novation #saejakarta #xy