Product links and a whole lot more can be found over on my blog,, so check that out! In fact, here’s an excerpt from said post:

I received a lot of compliments on this outfit from my coworkers, though I did have one funny experience I want to share here. I was walking backstage with a friend while heading to the meeting. There’s always a lot of activity backstage, as I work for a major theme park, and while many of my fellow makeup department coworkers have been cool and supportive of me, that same sentiment doesn’t often extend to the myriad other departments on property. Anyways, as we were heading over to the meeting, there was a tech services guy driving a golf cart past us. As he drove up to us, I noticed him give me a very rude look and saw him mouth the words, “What the fuck?” and then I heard him say (rather loudly), “That’s fucked up!” He actually stopped as he passed us and just glared at me, very obviously. It’s not something I’m unused to, and I gave exactly zero fucks, but my friend turned to me and was like, “What just happened?” I laughed and said, “Yeah, welcome to walking next to a boy in a dress.” She gave me a quizzical yet sympathetic look and replied, “Yeah, I wasn’t sure that’s what that was. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t being a jerk but … wow.”

So this is totally a remix of a look from earlier this month, but hey, it was awesome and begging to be rocked again. How could I resist?