Gendry/Arya Have Textual Romantic Undertones

This is for people who are in complete denial over their relationship and see it as “pedophiliac”, “wrong”, “impossible” or “disgusting” (and of course shippers like myself.) If you just don’t ship it, it’s your prerogative. But if you deny its romantic, wonderful, canon existence and label it as wrong, you, my friend, should read this.

How Arya and Gendry are portrayed as having a hinted-at-romantic relationship in the text:

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Game of Thrones AU >> Arya Stark and Gendry Waters are cofounders of their band Flea Bottom, and they also cowrite the music and lyrics. Everyone believes they are more then friends, or they at least should be, but they protest (mostly Arya) claiming that they are just friends…for now.