Supernatural GenderSwap Cast

Dean: Amber Heard

Sam: Missy Peregrym

Castiel: Zooey Deschanel

Crowley: Helena Bonham Carter

Bobby: Margo Martindale

Lucifer: Emilia Fox

Balthazar: Kristen Bell

Gabriel: Nina Dobrev

Ruby: Chace Crawford

Jo: Tom Felton

Charlie: Rupert Grint

Kevin: Gemma Chan

Ellen: Sean Bean

Adam: Emma Roberts

John: Demi Moore

Bella: Chris Pine


Where no man has gone before!

Navigator Polina Chekova
Helmsman Hikaru Sulu
First Officer Spock
Captain Jane T. Kirk (the T is for Titania)
Chief Medical Officer Lena “Bones” McCoy
Chief Engineer Mackenzie “Scottie” Scott
Communications Officer Njata Uhuru
and miscellaneous tribbles.

Here is the full size version of the lineup if anyone is interested, because trying to figure out how tumblr’s image resizing works is exhausting. Many thanks to intergalacticexplorer for that wonderfully thorough name meta. I’m still on the fence about some of them (mainly Spock/T’Pock), but I had to pick something.

I almost put Scottie in a jumpsuit and Sulu in a dress uniform just to show off the full range of uniforms, but in the end I went with regular duty uniforms for everyone.

Don't take your Gore to the gym

So I own two identical Nike Pro Combat grey sports bras. One I use to work out, the other I wear as part of my Daryl Dixon (genderswap) Darlene costume.

Today I got ready for the gym really quick but I knew I looked cute in my grey compression shorts and my grey bra and a cute loose pink tank that matched my pink shoes and pink earphones and I was just like “I’m going to be THAT cute girl at the gym today”

So I run for 30 mins and then I started doing dead lifts and this guy starts benching nearby and on one of my uplifts he sat up and was catching his breath and I catch him staring at me with absolute horror in the mirror. Just, jaw agape, eyes huge, omg what happened to you horror.

I look in the mirror and my tank has stretched super loose and is hanging really low on my chest which normally I wouldn’t care about because hello, sports bra, but instead of seeing a cute little white swoop I see these horrific looking blood stains. Blood and now sweat is just super obvious all over my boob tamer and I just roll my eyes and groan because I realize I put on my Darlene bra that I specifically dyed to look disgusting.

He goes “are you ok?”

And I look at him dead in the eye and say “don’t worry, it’s not mine.”


GENDER SWAP: Throne of Glass

astrid berges frisbey as dorian havilliard, crystal reed as chaol westfall, emilia clarke as rowan whitethorn and jemima west as aedion ashryver


Everyone Is A Lady + Harry Potter [ i n s p ]

I’ve read so much gay porn (FanFiction) that if somebody offered to have heterosexual sex with me I’d have to openly admit I have no idea what to do and that it’d probably be best if I just gender swapped myself already because I’d be WAY more prepared in the actions about to take place.