In cultural conversations about trans people, the wide diversity of gender identities beyond “trans woman” and “trans man” largely go unmentioned.

This reality exists, in part, because undergoing a gender transition is often viewed by cisgender (nontrans) people as an act made in direct defiance of the male/female gender binary. However, the fact remains that many trans folks simply identify as a “man” or a “woman” — with “trans” acting a descriptive adjective or a note on their history. This means trans people too can have binary gender identities.

"Nonbinary" is a common community term for trans people who do not fit neatly into this picture. There are other words too, each with multiple definitions forged by the individuals who live these complex gender identities.

Though the photos below feature individuals with gender presentations on the masculine side of the spectrum or who may fluctuate along different points of the spectrum on a given day or week, nonbinary people can also identify on the feminine side of the spectrum or somewhere in between.

Photographer Dave Naz’s new book, Genderqueer: And Other Gender Identities, shines a light on this topic, drawing on the appeal of visual art to explain in ways that words alone cannot. In the book, he accompanies essays by trans and genderqueer writers like Ignacio Rivera, Jenny Factor, and Morty Diamond with vibrant pictures of people who identify as, according to a statement, “transgender, intersex, pangender, and every shade in between.”

affirmations for this week

Sending love and support to all those who are traveling home for the holiday this week, and preparing to endure misgendering at the dinner table. You are real, you are valid, and you are important.

Sending love and support to all those who cannot bring their loved one(s) to Thanksgiving dinner. Your heart is too extraordinary to be contained by their small minds.

Sending love and support to all those who have to put on a costume to be safe with your own family. No matter who you see reflected back in their eyes, remember that you are still you.

Sending love and support to all those who have come out to their family members, only to be met with silence. You will not disappear simply because they ignore you; you are visible and you are seen.

Sending love and support to all those who aren’t yet able to come out to their family members, for whatever reason, and for whom going home means going back into the closet. You are not weak; you are strong and you matter.

Sending love and support to all those who do not go home for this holiday, whether by circumstance or choice or force. You are loved.

On the heels of Transgender Remembrance Day, also take the time to remember those lost to suicide, since according to the most known statistics, 41% of trans people attempt suicide. 

The hotline is available for individuals across the continental United States and in Canada, and is staffed by volunteers from outside the Bay Area. In order to increase efficacy, Martela is looking to add dedicated volunteers to the team quickly. If you are trans identified and interested in volunteering, learn more here. For help and support, the hotline number is877-565-8860

i know there’s a lot going on with Ferguson right now and this probably isn’t a good time for this BUT


there are countless lgbt submit blogs and I’ve never seen one for non-binary people!!! so I thought it was a good idea to make one

the URL is nonbinarysubmit http://nonbinarysubmit.tumblr.com/

I just barely got it up and stuff and need some help coming up with the tags available on the submit page and stuff and idk! submit to it! 

Gender as we know it is a lie. The male-female binary is a social construct, ignoring intersex, trans, genderqueer, and other non-binary individuals whose identities aren’t the same as the sex assigned at birth.

Unfortunately, it’s a lie swathed in many pervasive institutions our society upholds, the most damning of which is language.

Imagine living in a world where your very existence was unspeakable. When you try to refer to yourself, you’re met with confusion, disgust, or ignored altogether.

It’s a reality for many people who don’t identify as male or female. For them, non-normative pronouns such as xe or zie or ze instead of he or she – all pronounced “zee” – allow them to define themselves on their own terms.

My article on gender-neutral pronouns is finally out! Huge thanks to everyone who told me their stories, signal-boosted, or helped in any way. Seriously could not have written this without the gender-variant/non-binary community.

This article is kinda dearer to my heart than my other articles. It’s the first time as a journalist I’ve been able to write individuals’ pronouns without facing shit from an editor. Huge props to the Plaid Zebra, and I hope mainstream journalism starts to recognize xe, ze, and other GNPs.

Hello everyone, Update: official diagnosis- IBD (inflammatory bowel disorder) and Polycythemia Vera (mpn) which has recently developed into Myelofibrosis (chronic leukemia). Goal has been updated to include December rent, bills, costs. I want you to know that it isn’t easy for me to admit that…

Hey Everyone, this is my platonic soul mate, L! They are one of my favorite human beings on earth. The genuine kindness L possesses is something that can never be replicated. They are a beautiful artist of all forms of media. Drawing comics, a musician, a comedian, a poet, activist.

But this beautiful human has an unfortunate set of circumstances.

They are currently battling Blood Cancer— Polycythemia vera. It is a disease in which the numbers of red blood cells “blood platelets” and white blood cells increase causing the blood to thicken. It is a bone marrow based disorder.

Polycythemia Vera does not have a known cure but there are some things to help with it and get better. But they require lots of HEAVY medications and the wearing of your immune system.

L identifies as female and because of having to deal with Chemo and on all the heavy medications— she can’t start transitioning. Nor does L have the strength to be able to physically protect themselves if someone wants to assault them for dressing as their identity. It also takes a lot of mental strength and power to transition and when battling cancer— it is a hard thing to have. Which breaks my heart. But it is so important to call the community to help one of our own!

L can’t work at a job because of the physical side affects of the meds/ cancer. But even at this physical state— getting a job would be extremely difficult.

I am calling arms to my friends and your friends to help L. I want them to be able to not worry about their finances. I truly want them to focus solely on getting better. Please donate what you can and share this with everyone. Thank you!