Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999) is available free to stream on Netflix (now through May 26th, 2013). Some parts of this movie may strike one as rather dated (in terms of terminology, descriptions, or otherwise) or potentially problematic - still, there is much of interest and, I think, much to be gained from watching.

Description: Monika Treut’s provocative documentary explores the little-known world of transgenderism through profiles of several “gender cyborgs” living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In candid interviews, Treut’s subjects share their personal experiences, their perspectives on gender and their plans for the future. The film also delves into the options — and challenges — gender-bending hormone treatments and surgeries provide.

so ive started making progress on my queer movie list again. last night i watched i cant think straight. uhg. id lost all hope by the time they got to the shaming for not coming out to parents, so at least i wasnt too disappointed.
breakfast on pluto feels like it had a lot more wrong with it (not hiring a trans actor to play a trans character, cultural appropriation) but i loved it and keep wanting to rewatch it. maybe its just the bellbottoms.
and i rewatched gendernauts. last time was 3yrs ago when i didnt even kno i was trans. it makes me die for san francisco.