friendly reminder that this was all part of a grand scheme. aranea was anticip8ing condy. she was expecting everybody to die. this is a doomed timeline, but if aranea has her way, it’s about to be patched up.

also, let’s not forget that aranea is virtually immortal with that ring on. just and heroic deaths will have no long term effects on her unless the ring is taken off. (though let’s not forget the ongoing trend of serkets losing arms. oops—granted, it’s always the left arm. the ring is on her right.)

i still also have a smidgen of hope for kanaya. she could very well have an important role as the sylph of space in fixing/recreating the universe and aranea may just have the power to bring her back. but that could just be me being hopeful. it may also be worth noting that kanaya, karkat, terezi and vriska will most likely continue to be relevant based on the fact that they are strongly tied to the four kids. dead or not.

i also have a strong suspicion that roxy is about to build up to something incredibly important. she’s utilizing her powers more effectively and can literally create something out of nothing.

there’s also the fact that there are god tiers dying on quest beds again.

granted, some of those quest beds don’t belong to them (dave on the space quest bed, etc), but i’m about 75% convinced this is going to be relevant.

oh, and dirk is still on the way. finding dave dead sure is gonna be fun for him.


Aradia. Aradia time travels.

She’s been keeping lowkey for the longest time, last time she was seen was when Meenah was braiding Vriska’s hair, and with the shit that just went down I’m pretty sure she probably knows what to do. She knows this was a doomed timeline because if she was there when Meenah and Vriska were talking,and mentioning how Aranea’s actions were stupid and she was going to fuck everything up, she might’ve been overhearing and might have been doing shit to get stuff fixed rather than actively trying to get involved in a timeline she knew was doomed.

either that or she shows up and has the best corpse party she’s ever had