She loved her // like that
but telling her family? they might snap
So confined she couldn’t confide
She was playing girl games, offline
She had an answer, but she didn’t ask for this
Every little chit chat was a massive risk
If she discussed it they’d be disgusted
disown her and that’d be disastrous
She knew that it wasn’t their fault, They were brainwashed
They believed some crazy things
It’d cause her a smorgasbord of disorders
If she listened to what they would think
They thought that she was smiling, but they misidentified
because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the lie

And her logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s them - they’re just backwards
You’re in the future, they’re in the past
and they would abuse you if they knew the facts about it
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
You love her, don’t ever feel you should apologise
can’t control your feelings or compromise,
i know it’s difficult to find a guiding a light now but you’ll come out alive

Until you find the friends who’ll support you
Until you find a place you feel secure, you need to
Until you’re independent
Wherever in the spectrum you are

It’s gonna be ok
It’s gonna be ok

They didn’t ask, he didn’t tell
If they found out, they’d give him hell
if they knew the lowdown that he fell for people
regardless of pronouns
he was already tormented every day
but it’d escalate if he couldn’t keep a straight
face // So what’ll crack first
the eggshells he treads on or himself
Online he was everything he wanted
But real life wouldn’t let him be as honest
it’d just bring violence his way like
“How do you like this attention you special snowflake?”
They had problems at home and had to vent their feelings
or an underdeveloped sense of empathy
but knowing that didn’t make it any easier
All he could do was breathe

til his logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
step back from the situation // the world’s not a movie, it’s not fiction
you can’t think “say it, they’ll accept it”
Some people kick you down just because you’re different
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
Be rational
Unless you think they won’t attack at all
You gotta keep it in man, be practical
And I know you feel trapped and small right now but you’ll come out alive

I CAN choose my friends
and I CAN choose my family
If they won’t accept me
then others will have me

i just scrolled past a text post that said ‘gender is a spectrum’ but i read it as ‘gender is a scrotum’

When someone is genderfluid...
  • They can be anywhere on the spectrum at any given time.
  • They can be more masculine some days than others.
  • They can be more feminine some days than others.
  • Some days they can be agender or more androgynous.
  • Respect pronouns (this applies to anyone, not just those who are genderfluid.)
  • Again, wherever they find themselves on the spectrum is not necessarily the same everyday. If you don’t know, the polite thing is to ask.

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Do not (tips for future parents)

Do not have children unless you are willing to love them unconditionally no matter what the circumstances may be
Do not bring your children down for something they might be interested in
Do not say anything derogatory towards others as your children might pick it up
Do not force gender norms on your children because you’re afraid they’ll be “you know” if you do not
Do not tell your children that they’re stupid or worthless because you’re upset with them
If your children say they are not comfortable doing something; do not make them do that something Your children have feelings;
They are human.

If your child comes to you and says they are something that is not heterosexual or that they’re anything else other than boy/girl on the gender spectrum, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SAY THAT YOU WILL NO LONGER LOVE THEM
Do not tell force your children back in the closet because you’re afraid “your reputation” as a parent is soiled
Do not have children unless you are willing to love them unconditionally no matter what the circumstances may be

Your love as a parent should never come with limits.

(oh man so i was starting to tell you guys about the, like, sturdy blonde baby pixie soccergirl i sat behind in lecture today—eyelashes! curve of cheek and wee mutinous chin! fuckin auricle piercing! what the fuck! man i wore the same kinda sweatpants when i was a ~varsity athlete~ and they never looked half so cute on me lemme tell u, seriously, hearts in my eyes the size of the model in the philly science museum

and i got about as far as “compact muscular girlbro seraph” and thought to myself lol uh that’s a pretty good description of R too, except i’d probably switch out ‘girlbro’ for ‘boyfemme’ because trajectories or whatever

pretend the gender spectrum’s an ice cream sandwich, i wanna eat all the ice cream)

anonymous asked:

So, just a question, do you feel that the the term bisexual promotes the gender binary? I don't and I'm not saying you do either, just wondering your thoughts on the topic 😊

an interesting topic!

the word ‘bisexual’ outdates any popular understanding of the spectrum of gender in western europe certainly, so thats why it exists

personally, i take bisexual to mean ‘attraction to people of the same gender as me and other genders’

therefore its still attraction to 2 things, just not necessarily just male and female

there are so many ways of interpreting and defining bisexual, so i really dont think its fair to assume that because someone chooses to identify with it rather than pansexual that theyre upholding the gender binary, or are only attracted to binary genders

at the end of the day what word you use to identify your sexuality is a personal choice, and bisexuality doesnt always mean attraction to just men and women

Hello! I am a FTM/neutral teen who just started a support blog! I check sources for reliability before sharing information and I have some first hand experience of course as im gay and trans.If you find anyone who would like more trans people to talk to or more trans support blogs to follow feel free to refer them to me! i love to help people and am open to asks and anons but i dont know how to get started so I thought I would start here! Thank you so much for your time!

The blog is gender-is-a-spectrum-respect-it.






Interactive Map: The History of Gender Diversity

This interactive map from PBS is a good starting point for people who would like to learn the history of gender diversity around the world. Although the information isn’t anything I would cite directly or take without a grain of salt, it’s a testament to the fact that gender categories are nowhere near as universal as many seem to believe they are. It also isn’t complete-there are many more peoples, cultures, and genders to explore beyond the map as well.

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And what would it be like if instead of describing our children as “all boy” or “just so girly,” we talked about how much our kids love being in charge, how they love to draw, and swim, and have picnics in the park? …

Instead of trotting out the same old stereotypes about what girls and boys are like, we could talk about what our children do; how they move through the world. We could talk about all the ways they are human, and how great it is just to be a part of it.


17 years old

On the west coast of the USA

1.5 years on testosterone 

1 year 4 mo post op top surgery

 3 mo post op hysto 

       The gender binary is such an interesting concept to me especially as a male/gq identifying, afab person. The further I get into my medical transition the more I find myself swimming over the line between the “two” genders and paddling back to the end of the pool I thought I was drowning in a few years ago. 

 22 February 2015

 Oliver Bishop

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