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Five reasons why gendered products are a problem.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

Our Pointlessly Gendered Products Pinterest board is funny, no doubt. When people make male and female versions of things like eggsdog shampoo, and pickles, you can’t help but laugh. But, of course, not it’s not just funny. Here are five reasons why.

1. Pointlessly gendered products affirm the gender binary.

Generally speaking, men and women today live extraordinarily similar lives. We grow up together, go to the same schools, and have the same jobs. Outside of dating — for some of us — and making babies, gender really isn’t that important in our real, actual, daily lives.

These products are a backlash against this idea, reminding us constantly that gender is important, that it really, really matters if you’re male and female when, in fact, that’s rarely the case.

But if there were no gender difference, there couldn’t be gender inequality; one group can’t be widely believed to be superior to the other unless there’s an Other. Hence, #1 is important for #3.

Affirming the gender binary also makes everyone who doesn’t fit into it invisible or problematic. This is, essentially, all of us. Obviously it’s a big problem for people who don’t identify as male or female or for those whose bodies don’t conform to their identity, but it’s a problem for the rest of us, too. Almost every single one of us takes significant steps every day to try to fit into this binary: what we eat, whether and how we exercise, what we wear, what we put on our faces, how we move and talk. All these things are gendered and when we do them in gendered ways we are forcing ourselves to conform to the binary.

2. Pointlessly gendered products reinforce stereotypes.

Pointlessly gendering products isn’t just about splitting us into two groups, it’s also about telling us what it means to be in one of those boxes. Each of these products is an opportunity to remind us.

3. Pointlessly gendered products tell us explicitly that women should be subordinate to or dependent on men.

All too often, gender stereotypes are not just about difference, they’re about inequality. The products below don’t just affirm a gender binary and fill it with nonsense, they tell us in no uncertain terms that women and men are expected to play unequal roles in our society.

Girls are nurses, men are doctors:

Girls are princesses, men are kings:

4. Pointlessly gendered products cost women money.

Sometimes the masculine and feminine version of a product are not priced the same. When that happens, the one for women is usually the more expensive one. If women aren’t paying attention — or if it matters to them to have the “right” product — they end up shelling out more money.  Studies by the state of California, the University of Central Florida, andConsumer Reports all find that women pay more. In California, women spent the equivalent of $2,044 more a year (the study was done in 1996, so I used an inflation calculator).

This isn’t just something to get mad about. This is real money. It’s feeding your kids, tuition at a community college, or a really nice vacation. When women are charged more it harms our ability to support ourselves or lowers our quality of life.

5. Pointlessly gendered products are stupid. There are better ways to deliver what people really need.

One of the most common excuses for such products is that men and women are different, but most of the time they’re using gender as a measure of some other variable. In practice, it would be smarter and more efficient to just use the variable itself.

For example, many pointlessly gendered products advertise that the one for women is smaller and, thus, a better fit for women. The packaging on these ear buds, sent in by LaRonda M., makes this argument.

Maybe some women would appreciate smaller earbuds, but it would still be much more straightforward to make ear buds in different sizes and let the user decide which one they wanted to use.

Products like these make smaller men and larger women invisible. They also potentially make them feel bad or constrain their choices. When the imperative for women is to be small and dainty, how do women who don’t use smaller earbuds feel?  Or, maybe the small guy who wants to learn how to play guitar never will because men’s guitars don’t fit him and he won’t be caught dead playing this:

In sum, pointlessly gendered products aren’t just a gag. They’re a ubiquitous and aggressive ideological force, shaping how we think, what we do, and how much money we have. Let’s keep laughing, but let’s not forget that it’s serious business, too.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

so I bought a couple of new shirts and some boxers and holy shit it’s made such a difference. honestly i’m so damn happy and i look so boyish and now I know what I’m gonna wear to the Valentines Ball and I’m so freakin excited.

kissingyoutubeships asked:

Wow good luck :D And I've a question. You're genderfluid, right? Can you inform me about that, because i don't know a lot about it

sure :)) im actually genderless, which is different than gender fluid. it means that i dont identify with any gender. bc i dont feel like any of them, i realized i dont want to label myself with any of them which is way more comfortable, easy and free for me:) i still use my she/her pronouns, it’s just a personal choice. and gender fluid means (correct me if i word anything wrong) that one day you’ll feel more like a girl, one day more like a boy and maybe the third day somewhere in between:) i’d send you a link to a very useful page of all the definitions of lgbtqa+ labels, but im on mobile. tell me of you want them and i’ll send it later:)

i dunno why people constantly feel like they have to explain to me what it’s like to be bisexual even in posts where i’m explicitly talking about being bisexual, like yeah we can date people of various genders and have different experiences as a result, and all the while are still bisexual! i know, thanks! been there! done the thing!

This is a survey regarding gender and video game habits. It’s nothing serious, I’m just working in game developement and am interessted in the game habits of the different genders.

Hey, I made a survey and I would really appreciate it if you’d take it. There are just 3 questions, so it’s super quick to do!

It would really help me in regards to research, thanks!

I would also appreciate it if you’re reblogging this survey so it reaches more people. Thank you!

Gàidhlig Help Please

Okay so I’m trying to teach my self Scottish-Gaelic and I have a very important question. I don’t understand when or why some words have multiple spellings and pronunciations.

Examples: Beag/Bheag, and Fèin/Fhèin

I know that these words mean the same thing but they are slightly different and have different pronunciation. I’m assuming that this has something to do with gender differences, but I haven’t been able to find any explanation online.

Would someone be so kind as to explain this to me? Also if you could include the pronunciation of any examples you use it would be greatly appreciated!

Tapadh leat!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any information about alters/system members that are a different race or ethnicity to the body? One of our friends is a member of a traumagenic system, and their body is Native American but there are white European and Japanese headmates with them. They were "called out" for "pretending to be a different race" and it's really frustrating because they can't exactly chose who ends up being their protector or system manager

It certainly happens. It often gets mentioned in little Alter 101 types of things enumerating how people can be different from each other, like “It is not unusual for patients with DID to have alters of different genders, sexual orientations, ages, or nationalities." or "The alter personalities may be of different ages, gender, or ethnicities.

Unfortunately, what I read tends to not elaborate on the specifics here. Likely either due to keeping patient confidentiality, or a doubt that these are real qualities of real people, hah.

This is honestly the only thing I’ve found more than a sentence long, and it’s… not a terribly positive description. Still, I argue that even if it is the case that an alter is “stereotypic”, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

More informally, it’s certainly something that people talk about here and there.

If folks of different ethnicities are “pretending” then I’m just “pretending” to be a transguy hah. I know people worry about the potential for POC in white bodies speaking over singlet POC, but the people I see are very conscious of that and of not overstepping any boundaries (except for one  case but nobody likes that system anyway lmao).

- Thomas

devin anthony mares, yes that’s my legal name. yes im transgender, i identify as male & that’s how i introduce myself. ive known i was meant to be male since i was old enough to know the true definition of male & female. am i ashamed of being trans? no not at all. im proud of it bc it’s made me the young man that i am today. ive learned so much & met so many people through this journey of mine. but what some people don’t understand is wether you agree or not you have no right to physically or verbally abuse that person. genitals should not define a person’s gender. sex & gender are two different things. a penis isn’t a necessity to be male & a vagina isn’t a necessity to be a female. boobs or pecks, penis or vagina, what does it matter? why are most people so concerned about what’s in another person’s pants? i suggest that if you aren’t educated on trans people & their situation then you have no room to open your mouth & ruin the life & self-esteem of someone with your ignorant opinions. the suicide rate of trans people continues to increase bc of all the ignorance & selfishness. 90% of transgender people have reported harassment, discrimination, & mistreatment throughout their lives. 41% of trans people in the us have attempted suicide. the suicide rate for trans people is 26 times more than the average suicide rate of americans which is 1.6%. 47% of those who identify as trans are fired or not even hired, 29% are mistreated my law officials, & 78% of those who identify as trans from the grades k-12 are reported to be harassed at school & many have been denied medical care for identifying as trans. now if you don’t support transgenders whatsoever then feel free to unfollow me & make sure to keep your opinions to yourself bc any ignorant thing you say can lead another transgender male or female to suicide.
—  I really loved what he said in try this. I always hate when I witness people being so ignorant and rude to transgender people. I always think its because they aren’t educated about the subject. That’s why I wanted to post this on my blog. Thanks for writing this
Devin Anthony Mares

anonymous asked:

whats the problem with "sex and gender are too different things"? (I'm trans and don't understand the problem other than I mean sex really isn't a thing at all its literally just a name for already named genitals)

because people say stuff like ‘oh well ur SEX is female bc u have a vagina but ur GENDER is male~~~’ which is wrong. if ur a boy and u have a vagina thats a boy vagina. there is no part of u that is female if ur a boy. and vice versa if ur a trans girl. and if ur nonbinary then ur genitalia & chromosomes are nonbinary too. also there are people who have chromosomes that dont match up with their assigned gender and there are intersex people.

dragon33x5 asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask how you figured/are figuring out your gender identity? You just said that your prefered pronouns and name has changed, but how do you know what those are? Is it just what makes you comfortable, or is there some conscious feeling of "this is why I associate myself with this"? I'm sorry if I come off as rude or insulting, but I don't quite know how to ask this.

Hey no problem, this is a completely valid question. For me, what it essentially boils down to is comfort and self-expression; I am essentially exploring different options and paying attention to what feels right and authentic to who I am.

I don’t want to clog anyone’s dash, so I’ll put a more detailed explanation under the cut.

Read More

Because I'm done with people's bullshit

girls can wear blue but when a guy wears pink it’s gay

It’s perfectly okay for two girls to hold hands but the second two boys hold hands it’s gay

When boys so much as bump into each other their immediate reaction is to yell NO HOMO MAN NO HOMO even though nobody would have even thought about that if they hadn’t shouted it

Saying that you can choose your sexuality

Thinking two girls kissing is hot but two guys kissing is uncomfortable

Saying that being transgendered is wrong because you shouldn’t change yourself

Saying being gay is wrong because “god” says it is

Saying bisexuality, pansexuality, or any other VERY REAL sexuality doesn’t exist

Saying that just because transgendered people feel like they should be a different gender doesn’t mean right

Being told that “it’s just a phase”

These are the things that make me most disappointed in the human race. Because some people are so ignorant that they say you can choose your sexuality or what gender you feel right as. When really all people are doing is being themselves they get told that “it’s just a phase” or get sent to a therapist to make “it” go away.


Sex refers to the male and female individuals of a species and is determined by an individuals’ reproductive organs. In  psychology, we speak about gender as the psychological part of sex.  Gender is the sex with which you feel most connected.


In the rare cases where actual psychological differences exist, they cannot be attributed to innate neurology alone. Everything in the brain is a combination of nature and nurture. Culture comes into play, which affects behavior, which then affects the brain. From birth (and even in the womb), a baby is labeled as a girl or boy and treated a certain way as a result. For example, a 2005 study of 386 birth announcements in Canadian newspapers showed that parents tend to say they’re “proud” when it’s a boy and “happy” when it’s a girl. Anne Fausto-Sterling, a biologist at Brown University, has shown that mothers talk to infant girls more than infant boys. This could partly explain why girls tend to have better language skills later on. “Some differences end up fairly entrenched in adult human beings,” Fausto-Sterling says. “But that doesn’t mean that you were born that way or that you were born destined to be that way.”