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Hey marina, can sexism work both ways as in is sexism towards males a thing? I've looked at various dictionary definitions and they kind of vary, I'm sorry if I sound really ignorant and if you've already answered this before, I just really want to learn about this stuff :)

Dictionary definitions of sexism (like dictionary definitions of racism) are generally problematic because they don’t address the overarching structural inequalities in place. These definitions paint sexism and racism as “equal opportunity” forms of oppression that only affect people on an individual level and it views them as isolated events (AKA “white people experience racism on an equal level to people of color” and “all prejudice is equally harmful and pervasive.”) When people argue the existence of “sexism” toward cis males, it’s usually examples of women reacting to the sexism and misogyny they have experienced from men and the dominant culture. These examples of sexism are more on a person to person and individual level (i.e. a woman distrusting or disliking men) but that type of “sexism” (I really wouldn’t call it sexism, maybe “prejudice” would be a better word) isn’t backed up by the dominant culture and systems in place in the way individual sexism toward women is. Basically, when a woman is prejudiced against men, the worst that happens is he gets his feelings hurt. (And it’s completely understandable that women who have been sexually assaulted or abused by male perpetrators might feel hatred, distrust, or a fear of men because they are victims of trauma.) Also, a lot of examples of “sexism” against men are direct products of a patriarchal society that limits everybody (but particularly cis women and trans people) based on their gender. Patriarchal beliefs that end up harming men (i.e. men not being able to show emotion, being afraid to report sexual assault/abuse because men can’t be “victims”, higher rates of male incarceration, etc.) should not be viewed as sexism against men. They are products of a society that forces binary gender roles on all people, but ultimately ends up benefiting cis men.

This notion that the hard work of beauty shouldn’t ever look like it’s hard seeps into all corners of women’s lives. It’s the guy who declares he “hates” make-up and likes a “natural” look, without realizing that what he really likes is the woman who carefully applies make-up so that it doesn’t look like make-up, which often takes more time than some dramatic black eyeliner and red lipstick might.

Extremely powerful message, worth the watch

Facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for the same work, and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted in gender-based violence, little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism. Asking the question, “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women”

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Hey guys, I'm FTM and I'm 5ft... There isn't much chance of me growing in the future. Do you know of anything I can do with my heigh? It's making my body dysphoria a lot worse. - C.

Alright, here are some tips that lend you the illusion of height:

  • Heighten your hair style. Try haircuts with shorter sides and a longer top, then be sure to style the hair on top into a fohawk, which can add up to an inch to your height. Hair gel is recommended to achieve the look. 
  • Put heel inserts in your shoes. They can add up to 1.5 inches to your height, depending on the thickness of the insert.
  • Get shoes with thick soles. Not too thick, of course. You don’t want to roll your ankle. Just inch-thick soles to add subtle height. 
  • Wear dark pants and shoes. Dark wash jeans or black pants make the legs look leaner. Matching your pants and shoes makes your legs appear longer because of the continuation from legs to feet…if that makes sense. 
  • Stay away from horizontal stripes. They make you appear wider. Vertical stripes will make you appear longer. 
  • Stay away from baggier clothing. Baggier clothes on smaller-stature people makes it seem like they are drowning in the clothing. Comfortable-fit or slim fit clothing works best when you’re trying to appear taller.
  • Don’t wear overly-long shirts. Your shirts should stop around your pockets. This is because the shorter the shirt, the more leg is showing, which appears like your legs are longer. Don’t make your shirts too short though, or else they will look ill-fitting. 
  • Wear jackets that make your shoulders look broader. It’ll make you seem larger. 

But remember, height isn’t a deciding factor in how “manly” you are. There is no correct way to be a guy. 

Anyway, I hope this helps!

-Mod T

At my high school, it’s spirit week, and tomorrow’s themed spirit day is "Bro Day," in which girls are encouraged to dress like “bros”: baggy shorts, t-shirts, snapbacks, sneakers. As for boys? Not much for them to do. So, the girls actually have to work to show school spirit, but for most of the boys, all they have to do is show up. Alright.

We used to have a gender-bender day, but it was banned because too many parents called to complain about their sons dressing in feminine clothing (and not enough boys even dressed up for it to really be equal). Why is that such a problem? So it’s okay for girls to dress like boys, but not for boys to dress up like girls? Even more, it’s considered “degrading” for a boy to dress feminine, but if a girl dresses masculine nobody bats an eye? Also relevant is the idea that almost all masculine clothing is considered unisex, but no feminine clothing is considered unisex at all.

Going back to the boys who dressed in feminine clothing, all of them wore more sexual/revealing clothing: yoga pants, bodycon skirts and dresses, etc. I never once saw a boy wearing skinny jeans or a blouse, or a normal skirt and t-shirt, or even a pair of strappy sandals; in other words, feminine outfits that don’t pose a threat to the (admittedly misogynistic) dress code. Boys, why is this? Is it because you believe that women cannot exist unless they’re portrayed in a sexual way? I really want to know: why do you only dress to the sexual aspect of women’s clothing? None of the girls who dressed up for gender bender day tried to be sexual at all: as with Bro Day, baggy shorts and snapbacks were the norm.

TL;DR: I’m very frustrated with “Bro-Day” and “Gender-Bender Day.”

Smash the idea that your gender determines the clothes you should wear. Crush the idea that it’s degrading for men to dress in feminine clothing. Slay the idea that women need to be sexual in order to be recognized. 

  • Me:Yeah they're doing fine
  • Mom:who's they? Her and her mom?
  • Me:no just my friend
  • Mom:then it's not them, she's just one person
  • Me:No mom, they is a gender neutral pronoun
  • Mom:so she's a boy now?
  • Me NO mom, gender neutral. Not a boy, and not a girl
  • Mom:so she's a "heshe"
  • Mom:Now your just starting to piss me off
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:So she's just bisexual
  • Me:....WHAT?!
Huge problem in the trans community

You “identify” as X gender? Sure, here’s some counselling, we all support you!

ps. Conform to the gender norms associated, but remember that gender expression, roles and identity can all be whatever you want!

You wanna medically transition? Here! Have all these drugs!

ps. There’s a ton of horrible side effects, we won’t really worn you about them, don’t worry, you wanna transition don’t you?

Have terrible, debilitating physical and psychological dysphoria? Ummm… The medical transition, that’ll help, just wait for that.

… In the mean time, you know, just hang in there 👍

Everyone is so focused on the social and superficial aspects of transition, no one actually knows how to deal with REAL dysphoria, why ppl are ACTUALLY trans. Where’s the research on it? On how it effects ppl? On what the major causes are? How to prevent and avoid it? Nowhere. Bc it SA taboo, physical and sexual dysphoria are hush hush. In fact, you should be ashamed! You’re truscum!
I’m talking about trans men mostly. Just pack and use a strap on, it’s all good! NO. I have such horrible dysphoria that after, I get cramps. Is it in my head? Is this common? Where are the docs and therapists who actually specialize in this? Where do we get help? Nowhere.


Labels, Labels, Labels.

Hey guys sorry it was a lot of rant this week! Leave me your comments and concerns below.

Alicia’s tumblr;

two new gends for you and your friends

Shieldgender - A gender that is defensive and protects the person who identifies with it. The person may emerged in the gender, and finds great solace and safety in it.

Can be used on its own or to partially describe another gender/title (ie shieldgirl, shieldnb, shieldenby, shieldboy, shieldfluid, shieldxirl, etc.)

Weapongender - A gender that is offensive that protects the person who identifies with it. The person might feel invigorated by the gender (as though wielding it), finding bravery and safety with it.

Can be used on its own or to partially describe another gender/title (ie weapongirl, weaponstar, weaponenby, weaponfluid, weaponboy, etc)

I just tried to help a guy out by filling in a questionnaire that he had created for his study research.

One of the questions was: Gender? Male / Female.

I messaged him this.

This shows that a lot of people aren’t actually against trans* people, there’s just a complete lack of awareness. If more awareness was raised, trans* people would be accepted.