Congrats to Tracey Lewis, who will be the 2nd Black woman in FDNY’s history to be promoted to lieutenant - the first in 12 years! Here’s hoping there will be many more. There needs to be more gender and racial diversity in FDNY’s ranks.


remember pumpkin online? remember that fab black female director? remember spoons theory island? remember nonbinary genders and all kinds of love?

they got fully funded


in order or them to be able to implement polyamory they need to hit 40,000 bucks

last i checked they were at like 34000

they have a little over 10 hours.



pumpkinonline you guys are amazing, keep doing what youre doing!


At this point, I’m just hoping the theory about Scarlet being nonbinary is correct because knowing the FNDM, if the theory is wrong, there’s going to be a meltdown. Even though in all likelihood Scarlet’s gender was decided well before anyone ever saw the Volume 2 OP

The majority of the women of the world have nothing to lose but their chains – the chains of capital and the chains of patriarchy. Whilst petty bourgeois feminism struggles for the accomodation of women in the capitalist-imperialist system, proletarian feminism struggles for the end of the system and the establishment of a classless society.

Under capitalism-imperialism, women form the majority of part-time workers, the majority of single parents, and the majority of workers earning minimum wage. In imperialist wars of aggression, they are 80% of refugees and displaced people, and 80% of the victims of hand-held weapons. Women make up 83% of domestic workers, facing deplorable working conditions. Even in our daily lives, women have to endure physical as well as psychological violence. These are problems inherent in the capitalist system, and the struggle for women’s liberation is inseparable from the struggle against capitalism.

Proletarian feminism is the understanding that without the support, participation, and leadership of women, the success of communist revolution against capitalism is impossible. Only by fusing the struggle of the proletariat with the struggle of women and other oppressed groups can imperialism be defeated and the struggle for communism carried forward.

Some days I’m butch as fuck. I shove my hands in the pockets of my jeans and smoke cigarettes and have zero fucks to give. Other days I wear flowery sexy bras under flowy dresses with cute sandals and every accessory ever. Sometimes I wear sweats with no makeup. Don’t you dare tell me that one of those representations “isn’t me.” Bitch you don’t know me. I don’t need you. I’m the shit and I don’t need anyone to tell me that. Also, I don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation. So fuck off.

Today, we had religion in school and talked about women's rights and stuff ya know
  • Random Boy:I think women should get more rights, because women and men are equal and in some cases women are even more intelligent than men.
  • Me:I think it is simply unfair that some cultures do not give women the rights they obviously deserve; according to studies, some women are even more ambitious than men. They should get payed the same amount of money as men get for the same job, and most men in such cultures are retarded concerning their employment about women's intelligence and their position in a healthy society. *ignoring some idiotic boys laughing* And women have the same thirst for knowledge as men and women are, in some cases, more intelligent than their husband. So why would a healthy society forbid a women to educate? Are they frightened that something might change and, god forbid, we get the same rights as men?
  • Random Boy:How can you say that. If I, as a man, would have said, that women are retarded, you'd be so angry and hate me. Who do you think you are. Women are not better than men or more educated. Just because you are a women, does not mean that you are allowed to insult boys.
  • Me:But, you're missing the point, I never said...
  • Random girl:I agree with Random Boy, because women can be happy about what they have and saying than men are retarded is simply idiotic. *turning towards me* Think before you speak.
  • Me:The f**k is wrong with y'all.
  • Random girl #2:But *turning towards me* you are right. Women should have the same rights as men and this is important. Too many societies forget that intelligence is not based on the gender.
  • Me:Oh god thank you.
  • Random Boy:But...
  • Me:God damn, shut up.
  • Random Girl #2:Applause to you *smiling, clapping hands, looking me straight in the eyes*
  • Me *thinking*:Okay, so men are allowed to say that women are more intelligent than men. Men are allowed to say that the society has to change and see women as equals. Men are allowed to say that men are stupid when it comes to making differences between genders. A man being a feminist is okay.
  • But GOD FORBID if I, a WOMEN, point out my rights, underline the need of gender-equality, tell people what is wrong with society, that we are in need of a change, this is so MEAN and "NOT ALL MEN". A women being a feminist is "not okay".
  • So, today's society basically tells me that I, a women, am not allowed to stand up for myself, and gives me a men as a representant? I can't be the only person who thinks that this is wrong.

"In one flash, I realised that the centres of power in this country – the boys schools, the bullgingdon club, the golf clubs, the gentleman’s clubs, they were male only spaces that consciously and legally excluded women. 

This was when I realised why women only space is so threatening to men. And threatening is the word – if it wasn’t threatening we wouldn’t have to spend so long explaining why we want it, justifying why we want it, and being forced to give it up because we’re ‘discriminating against men.’ Women only space is threatening because men know that male-only spaces are spaces of power. They’re the spaces where men make the decisions that govern society. Women only spaces are spaces where women are creating their own power.”

Female-only space is vital to feminist organizing and women’s safety.

wibblywobblygenderywendery said:

As a Transgender Person (TM) I support invented pronouns. They are not transphobic at all. Like. At all. Seriously. Language is invented and reinvented and continuously evolving. It's what language DOES. People learning to have fun with something that is usually a source of great struggle in their lives and feeling for whatever length of time that something unique and different works for them does not make them transphobic. (Btw: The TM thing makes me sound sarcastic. I'm not. I'm trans.)

(Regarding.) Also noted, and thanks so much for your input!


Can we please stop naming women by their relationships to men, especially in book titles?

The Time Traveller’s Wife

The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

This article has a terrifying list of The ___’s Daughters, including figures for how the trend has increased.

But you know what? I haven’t seen a Time Traveller’s Husband, or a Mad Scientist’s Son.

These are not bad books, but the titles are AWFUL. Sure, they are a recognised trend in the book world, and therefore ‘sound’ like a certain kind of book, but that in itself isn’t a reason to think it’s a good title.

If the book is about the mad scientist’s daughter, what is it about the daughter that makes her interesting enough to have a book made about her? If it were just that she were someone’s daughter, the book would be called The Mad Scientist, and he would happen to have a daughter.

And, in point of fact, The Time Traveller’s Wife isn’t about the wife. It’s about the man who falls in love with her and has an unconventional relationship with her.

And this is what happens when you identify women by their relationships to men. We get decentralised. We don’t seem interesting enough on our own.

I’m not saying anyone did this intentionally - having talked to someone who worked on one of these books, I know that wasn’t true in that case - but if you’re looking to encapsulate what a book is about and you’re still putting your descriptives at one remove from the main character to define her in relationship to a man, that’s a) not very effective, and b) reflects an implicit sense that the woman on her own is not interesting enough to grab the attention of the reader.

Wow - a bullet-catcher! He sounds interesting! What’s this about his daughter?

A mad scientist! A time traveller! How cool do those guys sound?

But I don’t know anything yet about the women these books are supposed to be about. My interest in them is supposed to be entirely hooked by the fact that they have relationships with interesting men.


Women ARE interesting in our own rights.

If you thought they were interesting enough to publish a book about them, then FUCKING STAND BY THAT. Make the title about THEM. Because the book should be about THEM and you need to step back from the internalised sexist assumption that people won’t buy books about women. ‘Cause that’s what you’re doing when you make the title say more about the relationships a woman has to men than about the woman herself. You’re assuming that that relationship is either what defines her or that readers won’t want to read about her unless there’s a male in the picture to bolster interest.

I don’t want to buy books that define women by their relationships to men. It’s a bad selling tactic. It’s misleading and it’s insulting.

Again, I don’t think (most) publishers are consciously setting out to minimise their female characters - I think they’re just following a trend without thinking about how sexist that trend is.

Yes, occasionally a book is more about a close relationship and how that has actually defined a person, or how the other person has had a major impact on their life. The Magician’s Nephew isn’t sexist against men. But you know that the magician is the one with power in that relationship. And it’s a male-male relationship. And, crucially, it wasn’t published in a context where there are vast numbers of books following the exact same pattern where a (usually older) man has a defining capacity for the protagonist’s life. We have enough books in which women are defined by, or against, men. We need more books where women define themselves.

And if your woman main character is self-motivated and defined, why in God’s name have you titled her book as though she weren’t?

I know titles are hard, but if you can’t think of something interesting to say about the main character in her own right, your book has deeper problems than the title. And, like I say, I don’t think these are bad books. So let’s stop treating them like they are!

anonymous said:

I have a serious question for genderists/anti-radfems and I wanted your insight. What if they were in a women's changing room and they saw a person enter, wearing a wig and a dress, and that person would change clothes and display male genitals. Would they feel comfortable, at ease? Would they want this person there? Because that is what they are defending, right? an open door for males in spaces where women are ALREADY tracked down. But it's okay as long as the male is "feminine" enough? Wat?


Gender is not a spectrum. The more ‘feminine’ you are, doesn’t make you more of a woman. I feel like that is 101 women’s studies. Embracing the idea that gender is a spectrum is embracing the idea that there is a ‘female brain’ and a ‘male brain’. It’s embracing patriarchy’s use of the gender binary as an oppressive tool. It’s downright embracing misogyny.

It’s not hard to analyse gender, or analyse how it is used to perpetuate female oppression. However, once we get to this level of conversation with trans activists, our argument is silenced by ‘you’re just a transphobe, TERF’ and ‘~~KILL ALL TERFS 2014~~’

If the idea of gender (masculine = males & femininity = females) was abolished and we kept biological sex (female & male), I think it’s safe to say that most trans women and trans men would not feel the need to conform to any binary and they could act however they wish within their biological sex. Some trans people have already de-transitioned after being awakened to this way of thinking. 

If we weren’t socialized into thinking males and females are ‘meant’ to act in two separate ways (women = maternal, feminine, caring; men = bread winner, strong, emotionally distant), then would we have as many trans people? If they think we would, then why? What exactly would make them want to be female if there was no stereotypes/behaviors/attitudes wrongly associated with the sex? What would they be identifying as?

That’s the way it should be treated right now. Gender is wrong, oppressive and needs to go. Womanhood is not a feeling, it’s a mixture of biology and experiences that females have uniquely and collectively been through together.

"Femininity is sexually exciting to the men who seek it because it represents subordinate status and thus satisfies masochistic sexual interests. Men’s femininity is very different from the femininity that is a requirement of women’s subordinate status, because women do not choose femininity but have it thrust upon them. Femininity is not a form of sexual fantasy for women but the hard and often resented work required of those who occupy subordinate social status."
—Sheila Jeffreys, Beauty and Misogyny

At WoLF, we believe that gender is a hierarchical caste system that organizes male supremacy. Help us deconstruct the gender hierarchy.

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Challenge society’s limiting representation of gender!

The Representation Project is a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes and to shift people’s consciousness towards change.

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I just finished the first series of The Fall. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I felt about the show, but I was compelled by Gillian Anderson’s character to keep watching. The show is not a so much a mystery, but more of a slow-paced thriller. I think the best descriptor I’ve read called the series “a story of two hunters.” It’s both creepy and beautifully written, and it has some of the smartest gender politics I’ve seen in a long time. All I’m saying is: if you give it time to build out you won’t regret it. The first series (5 episodes) is streaming on Netflix now. Series two is due out later this year.

anonymous said:

All pronouns are invented. While I personally prefer they/them/their for gender neutral pronouns, simply because I think it's easiest for integration of gender neutrality into the English language, I can understand a preference for specific pronouns and don't understand why it's transphobic at all. Unless someone is specifically mocking the trans community.

(Regarding.) Duly noted, that’s what I thought. Thank you for the input!