When I Try To Speak To Other Black Women...
  • Me:"*says literally anything about Black womanhood to another Black woman on Twitter*"
  • White man:"Well, rationally speaking, with no lived experience, knowledge or emotional investment, while denying your humanity or intelligence, I would just like to say, BLAH."
  • Black man:"Well, the real issue is you aren't worshipping Black men enough. Unity. Blah. Me. Blah."
  • Non-Black PoC:"Oh yes, this specifically Black issue that has literally nothing to do with me is about ALL PoC. So let's discuss ME instead. Let's discuss absolutely any WoC except the Black women this is about."
Racist Reactions To My Language On Twitter (And What It Really Means...)
  • Me:"*speaks Jamaican Patwah/Patois*"
  • Racist:"This is America, speak English! No other languages are ever spoken here, and this country founded on genocide/settler colonialism and anti-Blackness/slavery should only involve the languages that I choose to hear, though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a dialect that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me:"*speaks African American Vernacular English*"
  • Racist:"This is America and I don't care if AAVE is actually a language with a structure, discussed by linguists everywhere, and if it is one we will later be appropriative for marketing purposes while continuing to profit from economic violence on Black people. I don't like how AAVE sounds right now and I don't want to hear it, even though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a language that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me:"*speaks Standard American English*"
  • Racist:"What, so you think you're smarter than me, why are you trying to be White? Gonna take my job? Well, you misspelled a word on Twitter, so I am still smarter. Why did you use some big words? They're stupid. I am going to ignore the context and topic of your conversation and mask my insecurity--over never realizing that the lies I was fed about my automatic intellectual superiority are in fact lies--by making jokes about word length versus leaving you alone/not invading your space or actually addressing the topic the words were about."
  • Me:*uses terms attributable to womanist/Black feminist scholarship, critical race theory or other anti-oppression theories/praxes*
  • Racist:"I haven't approved use of these words, so I will call them stupid. It...well...doesn't matter to me that a key facet of White supremacy--with a very long history and reality no less--is degrading the intelligence of a Black woman, or committing epistemic violence, by purposely altering/attacking the language used to describe oppression in order to engage in an ahistorical analysis that supports oppression. I don't like that you can describe my violence with acute accuracy, so I will use violence to critique that perspective. You're a pseudo-intellectual if I don't understand what you are saying, don't want my privilege or violence critiqued with an accuracy that Black thinkers have had for centuries nor want to acknowledge that I am purposely kept ignorant of Black radical scholarship because of White supremacy."
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Observing society, it’s clear that one of the worst things a guy can be is “like a girl.” Spoiler alert: that’s super crazy messed up. Let’s talk about that.


oh my god oh my god this norwegian newspaper article is so important *-*

Interview with genderqueer Kristin Fridtun in a total 5 pages on gender and gender identity. Vocabulary on different terms (not completely without issues but they tried) and introduction to neutral pronouns (which they correctly use through the whole interview ;w;)

Norway is so far behind on transgender-related everything that this made me really happy and a bit overwhelmed right now ;3;

For anyone interested the issue is Morgenbladet Nr.34 / 29.August - 4.September 2014.

my friend was asking me about my gender, and i was politely explaining genderqueer to them. 

when they replied, “well you shouldn’t use ‘Queer’ it’s offensive.”

i sorta gaped fish-like at them for a moment, before i answered with something along the lines of,

"but i am Queer! it’s a reclaimed word and i’m so ‘effing proud to be who i am. do you know how hard i’ve worked to be proud of myself, as a multi-minority, who has worked my ass off for everything, and done it all the while being unabashedly queer. so… tell me to whom is this offensive?"

then it was their turn to go all fishy, before they made a hasty exit.

I don’t know if I will be in the wrong to say that I am followed mostly by very open-minded people…

Either way, I am writing a dissertation on masculinity and the influences of militarism and body-politics on masculine identity. 

I wanted to ask any males in their late teens and older about how you have ‘experienced’ your masculinity, or how your fathers’ generation has.

  • How much is it grounded in the assertion of space and dominance through the way you interact with the world through your body?
  • How much is it about aggression and violence, and feeling like your body is a mechanism?
  • How much are the ideals of soldier-hero still relevant - this question is very interesting to me. 

I would really appreciate as many opinions as I can get. Please take your time, I would be very grateful. 

Please email with responses to : isthisomyt@gmail.com

Or write me a message here if you want to remain anonymous. 

Thank you all in advance. 


Don’t get too high and mighty, ladies. Don’t step out of line. Don’t do anything to upset or disappoint men who feel entitled to your time, bodies, affection or attention. Your bared body can always be used as a weapon against you. You bared body can always be used to shame and humiliate you. Your bared body is at once desired and loathed.

This is what we must remember. Women cannot be sexual in certain ways without consequence. Women cannot pose nude or provocatively, whether for a lover or themselves, without consequence. We are never allowed to forget how the rules are different girls. I suppose we should be grateful for this latest reminder.

I saved this one out from the last photoset because I just couldn’t stop laughing.

This is what happens when you do not know what you are talking about, are blinded by hate (actual hate, not the underlying socialization shit, but genuine learned hate of a group of people) and spend your time engaging in hate speech.

Someone like me comes along and looks at what you write and laughs her ass off because she does this stuff professionally.

Now that you know what genderists really are (and that words are not meaningless, and that it is a fact that genderist means people like radfemale above), it changes the entire meaning and context of her statement, and you can see for yourself what it is that I see every single day.

People who should know better talking about themselves without any realization that they are doing it, and making themselves look bad in the process.

Then you see the 37 notes.

Then you realize, oh, hot damn, this “radfemale” woman is seriously messed up, and she isn’t alone in being that way.

"Straight boys are ___" "The straight boys are at it again" "Heterosexual trash" I’ve spoken to a lot of decent straight boys, i’ve also spoken to nasty, manipulative females that are both pushy and rude when it comes to sex and nudes. If you’re going to point out the failures and rudeness of one gender or sexuality then why not be brutally honest about the rest of them aswell? Or better yet do not stereotype any group as a whole then continue to make them feel worthless through repetitive mockery.