Pokemonathon Gen 3 is kicking up again in the next few days…! This year I’m doing some cool stuff through geekiarchy to add FREE STUFF to Pokemonathon, which we can all be excited about B)

If you’re new to Pokemonathon, it’s the challenge to draw every single pokemon in order! I’ve already completed generations one and two, so in a few days I’ll start up with generation three, posting daily pokemon art for a few weeks, give or take. If you don’t want to see my pokemon posts, you can blacklist #pkmnathon.

Tumblr has converted me to a Hardenshipping fan, oh dear god, I couldn’t resist this.  I love them together so much, it’s perfect!!! I just had to draw them together.  God, I bet there will be more to come of these little nerds.  I don’t think it’ll be designs though, I might just doodle snarky couple bullshit.  

Sticker here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dafluff/works/14059946-hardenshipping

Day 290 - Subame | スバメ | Taillow

Subame has the tendency to soar above the clouds, racing other like-minded Pokémon. It has a brave personality, despite whining when it’s hungry. 

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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