The Gemuendina (1903)

Phylum : Chordata
Class : Placodermi
Order : Rhenanida
Family : Asterosteidae
Genus : Gemuendina
Species : G. stuertzi

  • Early Devonian (407,6 - 393,3)
  • 1 m long (size)
  • Hunsrück, Germany (map)

Gemuendina was a very flat bottom dwelling placoderm fish that had a similar ecological niche as modern rays.‭ ‬Although a placoderm,‭ ‬the bony armour plates on Gemuendina were quite loosely connected and would not have offered as much bony protection as the plates of other placoderms.‭ ‬Gemuendina also lacked plates on its mouth,‭ ‬and instead sucked in small organisms trough star shaped tubercle scales.


Gemuendina stuertzi

…is a species of rhenanid placoderm (armored fish) that lived in the seas of Early Devonian Germany. In life G.stuertzi lived a similar lifestyle to a modern stargazer, as it lived on the bottom and had upward facing mouth and eyes which allowed it to suction prey that swam over head. Unlike other placoderms G.stuertzi’s armor was made up of a mosaic of unfused bony plates and scales. It also lacked the characteristic tooth plates of other placoderms, instead it had star-shaped tubercle scales which it allowed it to seize other animals.



Images: and Ghedoghedo