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I make handmade pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings, and I work with a variety of gemstones and beads. I also do fandom inspired stuff like Supernatural and Steven Universe. I can make things in your Hogwarts house colors!

I’m just really struggling right now and I need to make some money. If you can’t buy, please signal boost.

Gemstuck Rose Lalonde.

For her gem I chose Violet Spinel. Credit to x for the actual gem photo.

A bit about Purple Spinel:

Spinel is used in the mental realm for intellectual power and to help reduce or eliminate forgetfulness.

With its stabilizing effect as a Root Chakra stone, spinel can also bring a soothing sense of calm in the midst of high energy or challenging situations. It is also a lovely stone for reducing stress and relieving depression as well as encouraging one to move toward one’s best blessings even if it may appear difficult.

The name may be derived from the Latin word spinella, meaning “little thorn”, possibly referring to the fact that some spinel crystals are found with sharp points. Spinel is almost a secret among gem lovers. It’s hardness of 8, and lack of cleavage makes for a tough and durable gemstone. It mimics corundum, and crystals are found in a wide spectrum of colors, including red, orange, yellow, dark green, blue, purple, brown and black.

Information above found at x.

Healing Crystals - Penetrator Quartz

“Penetrator Quartz is sometimes confused with Manifestation Quartz. Manifestation quartz has a complete crystal fully embedded within the main crystal while the Penetrator quartz has one or more crystals partially lodged into the primary crystal from without, hence the name of Penetrator Quartz.”
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be still my crystal heart…

wip photos of these lovelylovely little crystal hearts. available in my etsy shop as sew on patches or brooches in a choice of colours. not your favourite colour? request one in your own custom colourway!