'scuse the photo quality, i embroidered all through the night like a crazy person and had to take these with the flash on but here they are…. new little gems! i'm almost done with these now (and about time too), they'll be going on etsy after the weekend (if there are any left after tattooteaparty)


It’s always hard for me to pick favorites honestly, there’s just too many I like for different reasons!  Still, Amethyst is very pretty, especially when polished~!  Ruby’s probably an obvious favorite of mine, but especially for it’s rich red color!  Quartz~  Well, quarts may be only semi-precious, but it’s very useful, very pretty, and very common~!  Everyone can have a nice gem for little if they like quartz!

Hey there!  Now maybe it’s a bit of a bad idea to start up an ask blog like this in the middle of the semester, but he’s fun to draw, and I’ve been kinda curious about making one of these if I’m honest~!  So with that being said, this here’s Ruby!  He’s got a heart of iron and a rather hefty appetite, but when he’s not chowing down on a snack, he’s digging away in the mines for precious ores in a drilling rig that he was loaned by an unidentified benefactor~

Give him an ask or two if you so choose, he’s ready and willing to make a name for himself if he can help it!