Taking care of Crystals

When one first acquires a crystal one should cleanse the crystal to remove any unwanted energies that have become attached to the crystal. And it should be cleansed often with regular use.

Methods for cleansing your crystals:

  • To cleanse your crystal you use your energy to work directly with the crystals’. This is done through your intention – a focused mind. While holding your crystal in your hands, visualise it immersed in white light, clearing it of any unwanted energies and re-energising it. Hold it for several minutes or as long as you feel inclined. Ask “that all the energies within the crystal are transformed into divine light and love, and that it is clear and activated to its full potential”.
  • Most crystals love running water. Hold your crystal under the tap and allow cold water to flow over it. As you do so, visualise all negative energies dissolving and washing away, transforming into positive healing energy
  • Visualise a flow of clear, pure mountain water going through the crystal, washing away all impurities and seeing them transformed into positive healing energy.
  • Rinse or bathe your crystals in rain-water, water from a spring, a stream, the beach, a river or sacred source, even in a waterfall (make sure you hold on to them or they can get swept away). Dry them naturally in gentle sunlight.
  • Morning sunlight gently cleanses your crystals and moonlight is a softer way to let light filter through your crystals and cleanse them. The best time for this is a full moon.
  • Using the smoke of sacred herbs such as sage, cedar, and lavender to smudge and cleanse the energetic matrix of crystals. Smudging with white sage removes negative energy from crystals and rooms in your house. (Smudging is to light the herbs and burn them, when the flame dies the embers burn creating smoke. You then pass your crystal through the smoke while asking it to be cleansed and purified.)
  • Place your crystals on a bed of rock salt for 24- 48 hours to purify the crystal’s energetic matrix.
  • Bury them in the earth, soil or clay for 2 –7 days as this provides a slow and gentle form of cleansing. The longer you leave it the deeper the cleansing. (Make sure you the spot where you buried your crystal as they wriggle away and can get lost in the earth).

After cleansing, the crystal will need to be charged and dedicated. Charging a crystal fills it with energy. Dedicating the crystal gives it a positive power.

There are many ways to recharging your crystals:

  • Placing your crystals in sunlight for an hour or so, will charge most crystals. After a sunbath on your windowsill, your crystals will be noticeably brighter. You can also place your crystals on the earth for an additional charge while recharging them under the Sun, Moon or Stars.
  • Placing your crystals out under Moonlight is a gentle and penetrating method for recharging your crystals. The full moons’ light is the brightest in its cycle, thus giving a greater charge to your crystals.
  • Placing them out in any dynamic weather conditions such as a thunderstorm provides an awesome electromagnetic charge to your crystals.
  • Placing your crystals on an amethyst cluster is great for recharging jewellery and smaller crystals. You can also place your crystals on a clear quartz cluster that you have programmed to recharge any crystals you put on it.

Methods for dedicating your crystals:

  •  “I cleanse this crystal in the Light and Love of God and of Mother Earth. May only that which is of its own consciousness remain, and may all else be transformed into the Light.” (see the crystal being surrounded by an intense white or golden Light as you say or think this)
  •  “I ask and intend that this crystal work with (me/myself and x/my healing group etc.) for (healing myself/absent healing/healing others/meditation/protection). I will keep it safe and well to the best of my abilities, for the period of time that I am honoured to be its earth-keeper.”
  •  “It is my pure intent that from this moment on this crystal may only be used in the name of love and compassion, and always for the Universal Highest Good of all”.