How To Achieve A Curly Fro? At Least How I Achieved My Curl Fro!

A lot of people ask me what product I use on my hair and how do I manage my curls. My hair is natural and I have tried a lot of different products over the years (too many to count). The other day I wanted to straighten my hair and I shampooed and conditioned my hair and massaged BioSilk Silk Therapy into my hair in preparation to blow dry and straighten my hair, but I ended up falling a sleep. The next day I awaken to a nice curl that wasn’t dried out, but it was a mess as far as shape because I had slept on it. So I washed my hair and did the same thing and this was the outcome.


I still felt that this was a little to wild for me so I repeated the same steps: 

  • Shampoo and condition your hair
  • Apply Biosilk Silk Therapy
  • Two strand twist your hair
  • Allow are to become almost dry or dry
  • Untwist your hair


(Me in the process of twisting my hair)


(My hair twisted)


(The finished outcome, this may vary with hair type)

Hereare all of the products I used: Biosilk Silk Therapy, Curls Lavish Curls, Spray Water Bottle, Comb and Hair Clips.

BioSilk Silk Therapy: Massage this into your hair after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. You can also find this at Target.

Price: $13.50 (price ranges by size of the with the bottle)

Curls Lavish Curls: I spray this on my twist. I was put on to this line of product my Javicia Leslie check out her blog You can find this product at Target.

 Price: $10.99


SNAGGED: Hair How-to

I saw this post on a blog I frequent called Sea of Shoes. I’m a huge fan of the braided headband, so this is a great little tutorial that I had to snag for my readers! Check it out, and when you get a chance make sure you visit Sea of Shoes! If you try the look, send your pictures to 


I am sometimes asked how I style my hair, and while my method is far from perfect, I thought I’d show you how!  My hair is pretty straight and fine naturally and I always let it air dry. Since I go about three days between washes, I like to curl it on the first day and let it mellow out into some nice waves over the next two. 

Let’s get started!

If your hair doesn’t hold curl very well then you may want to put a palmful of curling mousse in it when it is halfway dry. First I comb out all of the tangles and apply a liberal amount  CHI Iron Guard Protection Spray to prep my hair. Then I stick the top part up in a clippy so I can curl the bottom strands first. To curl my hair I use a Bed Head 1-inch styling iron

 (though I want to upgrade to one of the fancy new ones from Sultra soon!) When I curl the bottom half of my hair, I take 2” sections and alternate the direction in which I curl them (do one section wrapping it away from the face, and the next one towards the face). I just wrap the hair around the curling rod, I do not use the clamp! You should let the curl slide off the heating rod, and cool completely in your hand before you let it fall.

When I’m done curling the bottom section, I mist it with Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode

 and comb through the curl with my fingers. Then I move on to the top section. On the top part, I curl all of the hair away from my face to get that flowy beachy look. I leave about an inch of the bottom section off the curling rod to keep from totally singing the ends, and it makes it look a bit more natural and lived in.

Ahh!! Huge hair! Well, with my fine hair, the curl usually calms down a lot after about an hour. I just run my fingers through it and go with it. 

If you want to dress it up a little, you can do a braided headband look! Take a small section of hair below your ear and braid it, but not too tight so that it stays long enough to wrap around your head.

Find a spot on the opposite side of your head and pin it so that it blends in naturally with the rest of your hairstyle. 

Well, that’s it! Not too hard. Hope this answers any questions.

SOURCE Sea of Shoes

SNAGGED is a section where an article and its entirety is taken from a source and posted on The Gemini Lounge. Full credit for the article is given to its original source. The Gemini Lounge is not crediting the article as work of its own.

SNAGGED: 5 Questions with an Acting Coach

For my fellow dazzling stars… Snagged from Black Actors:

Marishka Phillips has worked with Why Did I Get Married actress Tasha Smith, and other notables. Currently, Phillips teaches acting workshops in both New York and Los Angeles at the Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory.


The 5 Questions

BA: How does one become an actor?

MP: I cannot teach one to act, however I can get you to your truth that you must give yourself full permission to expose that truth and lift it into your character. It is my belief that every person that has the passion to be an actor, has an innate gift that they bring to the craft. It is my job as an acting coach to help them define and refine that gift. You Must be Willing.

BA: What tips can you give to an actor trying to land their first role?

MP: When you walk into that audition room half the battle is confidence. That means you have to do The Work on your character development and your script! Once you do the work and Full of your stuff (organic truth) then you get out there and do the play! Not to be mistaken with cockiness. They want to be sure they want to work with you.

BA: How does an actor know which roles to accept and which ones to skip?

MP: Once you define yourself as an actor/ artist you will be absolutely clear on which roles are right for you! Film is Forever!

BA: How does a new actor get an agent?

MP: Getting an agent is grind time. Get great pictures and send them out. Knock on doors if you have to. always have business cards or something that is a great representation of you and the characters you want to play. Or ask your actor friends about their agents. Some actors are generous. There are also worthy seminars.

BA: What can actors learn from you?

MP: If actors chose to work with me, I can teach them to take risks as the actor, leave a memorable impression in the audition room, Clarity, vulnerability, and truth. It’s hard work. It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft

SOURCE Black Actors

SNAGGED is a section where an article and its entirety is taken from a source and posted on The Gemini Lounge. Full credit for the article is given to its original source. The Gemini Lounge is not crediting the article as work of its own.

What Inspires Me...

Javicia! I just want to let you know I check your blog faithfully….like everyday faithfully haha! Your such an inspiration to me as I continue my collegiate career as an undergrad. Your drive and ambition for life is over and beyond. I read your post about you finally living out your dreams and I think that’s awesome. I have huge dreams like such, living in a big city and having that perfect PR position! I’m all for that. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me something to believe in and keep doing what you do girl. Take care 

A reader sent me this message on Facebook, and it really reminded me of why I chose the field that I chose. I know entertainment is a hard career path… but since the beginning, it has guided and inspired many people. I would like to be a positive contribution to this inspiration. I want to be a great role model, doing what I love most… ACTING!!! No matter how far or how close my goal may seem, the drive will never change.  My drive is to be here when my body is gone, that my impact makes a difference in history and generations can use my path as a blueprint to success among all obstacles! Remember, although this may sound cliche’, NOTHING is impossible!!!

-J. Les

Talk that Talk


(Me and ‘Bob from Marketing’ <— Martin reference, lol)

Hello lovies!!!!

I am soo excited for my 3 day weekend ahead of me! Although I’m not going to do anything major, just to have some “me” time will be great! If your in the city, make sure you come to Eden with me on Friday (1716 I Street NW)… for the guest list, email me at

As for the rest of my weekend, I plan to relax and finish decorating my studio. I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve done with my space. I also plan to post another video this weekend. I just learned how to really edit them, so I’m UBER excited. “Uber” is really not a cute word. Lol. Anyways, this is going to be a cole cold winter, so make sure you bundle up and stay safe lovies. Talk to you soon!

Our We Reading Our Black Publications?



Since I tend to do both video and written post, it was actually hard for me decide which to do for this post. However, I am going to keep it written and short! J

So, I was reading the December issue of Ebony, and the question crossed my mind: Why, as young ethnic fashion forward individuals, would we rather read non-ethnic publications (Elle, Vogue, Glamour) over black publications (Ebony, Vibe, Essence)? Now I don’t mean for this post to exclude any non-ethnic readers of GL… But it is important for me to address the issue.  When I write/record my posts, they are intended for any race; however, because I am brown some posts are going to be more beneficial to those who are also brown, for example, a curly/kinky hair post. So this drives me to believe there are not many “brown” people working at the major publications like Elle, Vogue, and Glamour. So what about our magazines that are intended cater to our needs? There is Black Hair Sophisticates, Rap-Up, Vibe, Essence, Jet, Ebony, and more that are not being financially supported in comparison of their non-ethnic competitors. Of course over the last ten years written publications have taken a major fall due to digital rivalry, but this does not excuse the comparison from 1/1/2011 – 6/30/2011 of Glamour selling 2,304,146 and Ebony selling 1,235,865 or even Essence 1,050,013 (who has an entire weeklong festival surrounding it ‘Essence Festival’).

My review of the situation, our magazines are “over our head”! While reading this month’s Ebony, they feature Power 100, political debates, cultural debates within Hollywood, black marriage counseling with tips, and they never forget the past by writing an article about a group or individual who got us where we are today. Versus Glamour, who features the 10 women of the year (none of which were black), Glamour fashion, health and body (‘The Snob Diet’ < which once I read, is basically telling you to starve yourself), ‘Men, Love, & Life’, and celeb gossip.

So, what’s the difference?  Well, our magazines tend to reach to the soul, while I feel the other mainstream magazines touch the outer appearance. Since majority of our magazine readers read them for quick make up tips and fashion  do’s and don’ts… it is my recommendation that (1) we get more fashion/ beauty forward writers at our ethnic publications, and (2) we do better to support them so that they are able to produce a quality of work that entertains our people. It’s time that the make-up tips I read, work for my skin tone… and the hair product reviews can actually be used on ethnic hair.  Also, while feeding are beauty and fashion thirst, we will still be fed with the quality of what Ebony and other ethnic mags have to offer.  No matter what, you must SPEAK UP to make a difference!