The Signs as Dragons

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Aries - Fire Dragon
Taurus - Dragon that can’t fly
Gemini - Fastest, strongest dragon
Cancer - Pink Dragon
Leo - Dragon with lion claws
Virgo - Wind Dragon
Libra - Rainbow Dragon
Scorpio - Lightning Dragon
Sagittarius - Shadow Dragon
Capricorn - Earth Dragon
Aquarius - Water Dragon that can swim really well
Pisces - Ice Dragon

What's in the Soul of the Zodiac Signs?
  • Aries:Dragonfly wings, Poppy seeds, and Jaguar fur
  • Taurus:The pollen from Goldenrod flowers, Pastel paint, and Ice from Saturn
  • Gemini:Vanilla extract, Summer-themed sprinkles, and Butterfly wings
  • Cancer:Sun rays, Plum blossoms, and Walrus teeth
  • Leo:Dove wings, Black silk, and Golden apple seeds
  • Virgo:Mermaid tail, Pink rose petals, and Snowflakes
  • Libra:Brownie batter, Cotton, and Rocks from the Moon
  • Scorpio:Peony bulbs, Violet fire, and Deer antlers
  • Sagittarius:Shire horse hair, Green frosting, and Eagle talons
  • Capricorn:Raindrops, Dragon breath, and Sunflower stems
  • Aquarius:Seahorse tails, Pink daffodils, and Blue sugar cubes
  • Pisces:Apple Blossom tree branches, Sand from Caribbean beaches, and Penguin beaks
Astrology Signs as Mythological Creatures
  • Aries:Dragon
  • Taurus:Elf
  • Gemini:Unicorn
  • Cancer:Werewolf
  • Leo:Kitsune
  • Virgo:Fairy
  • Libra:Nymph
  • Scorpio:Siren
  • Sagittarius:Centaur/Centaurette
  • Capricorn:Satyr/Satyress
  • Aquarius:Veela
  • Pisces:Mermaid

Varric & Red Lyrium Bartrand as Gemini in my Dragon Age Inquisition Zodiac series!

I got this idea in my head as soon as I was thinking of these and had to do it. I really wanted to draw a Bartrand completely possessed by red lyrium, and I know he’s not in Inquisition, but I figured he’s more like some sort of horrible red lyrium ghost from Varric’s past, and since most of his personal quests have to do with red lyrium, I found it appropriate!

STRENGTHS: Clever, witty

WEAKNESSES: Restless, indecisive


Replacement Secret Santa gift for baconsanddoodles, your list had Mericcup and Jackunzel so here gifs for both ships. 

GIF 1 - Merida, Hiccup and Toothless (who is off screen) are searching for Jack and Rapunzel but get sidetracked with the scenery of the mountains.

GIF 2 - Jack and Rapunzel are trying to find a way out of the mountain after the cave collapsed on them, Rapunzel’s hair is stuck in the rocks and they have to get it out without cutting her hair.

Inspiration came from the fanfic “Part of Your World” made by gemini-sonic.

the signs as songs from Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons
  • Aries:Summer
  • Taurus:Friction
  • Gemini:I'm So Sorry
  • Cancer:Dream
  • Leo:I Bet My Life
  • Virgo:Hopeless Opus
  • Libra:Trouble
  • Scorpio:Shots
  • Sagittarius:Polaroid
  • Capricorn:Gold
  • Aquarius:The Fall
  • Pisces:Smoke and Mirrors
songs from my playlist that remind me of each sign
  • aries:warriors — imagine dragons
  • taurus:home — american authors
  • gemini:i don't care — fall out boy
  • cancer:wishing well — blink-182
  • leo:centuries — fall out boy
  • virgo:dog days are over — florence & the machine
  • libra:on top of the world — imagine dragons
  • scorpio:ain't no rest for the wicked — cage the elephant
  • sagittarius:rollercoaster — bleachers
  • capricorn:handlebars — flobots
  • aquarius:dream — imagine dragons
  • pisces:what a catch, donnie — fall out boy
The Signs Battling a Dragon

Capricorn: tells the dragon a really bad joke and the dragon dies of cringe

Aquarius: cries a lot and the dragon feels awkward and flies far away

Pisces: gives the dragon a mean look and the dragon gets really scared and surrenders

Aries: farts on the dragon and the dragon dies instantly

Taurus: kisses the dragon, marries the dragon

Gemini: makes the dragon do its dishes

Cancer: reads the dragon a Sherlock fanfic, then the dragon gets out a bottle of wine

Leo: “hello dragon, have you been paying too much for your car insurance?”

Virgo: immediately gets set on fire by the dragon

Libra: becomes the dragon’s sidekick

Scorpio: tricks the dragon into believing it is a cat

Sagittarius: hides behind a rock and does not approach the dragon