Auch wenn alles gerade in Scherben zerbricht und alles schief läuft.. Geb nicht auf, kämpf weiter, zeig allen wie stark Du bist und geh deinen Weg! Es wird besser, denn nach jeder dunklen Wolke erscheint ein Sonnenstrahl.

I greatly respect the Bundesliga for the Geh Deinen Weg campaign (roughly translates to go your own way). Every team during last weekend’s matches wore this sign, celebrating the cultural, racial, and religious differences in not only the players, but the fans and the people that live in Germany.

Unfortunately, this campaign has still shyed away from the issue of homophobia. But this is a very positive step in the right direction.I’m glad that such a large step was taken and I dearly hope that it continues in not just the Bundesliga, but in every league. Because we shouldn’t ignore the issues and hope they go away.THEY NEVER WILL.