Ready to go on your own daring adventures for lost kingdoms? The first thing is to get yourself some cool gear. Smree gives you a great way to make some of your own awesome Dwarf gear. 

Bofur Inspired Crochet Pattern

If your way up the East coast like me and stuck in a pile of snow - this is going to keep your ears toasty while you shovel. Shovelling is… kinda an adventure… right?


It has been requested for a few years and it has finally happened…The PATTERN for the Zelda inspired bomb bag set is now available for purchase!!
Now you can make a bomb bag set yourself!


I wanted to work on some more Pokemon, and I’ve seen some great Eeveelutions so I decided to try my hand at my own. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Silver on the Game Boy colour, and I accidentally evolved my Eevee into an Espeon, unaware that she (I always end up with female Eevee’s) could even evolve without some kind of stone haha, but since Espeon was very pretty I didn’t mind.

You can pick up Espeon for yourself here. Alright, onward!

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Progress!!! One square away from finishing Column B. And as you can see I did the diagonal grey and yellow square using my newly acquired skills in diagonal Tunisian (although this one came out slightly more wonky than my test square. I’m pretty sure it will even out when all the other squares get sewn to it.) I have finished 40% of the squares (not all pictured) and am quite happy with how well it’s coming together.