geekmega replied to your post: Okay, I just finished playing To the Moon, I’m…

A lot of people tell that it’s quite good. I haven’t played yet, but I’ll probably take a look during my vacation. Anyway, one aspect about the game I really like is that it was made in RPG Maker, an engine which I develop some stuff too xD

I know! I’m messing around in RPG maker at the moment aswell, just trying to throw together something small to add to my portfolio, only I’m trying to design all my own tilesets. The one thing that disappointed me about To The Moon was that I noticed alot of the art wasn’t their own, and the shitty simple drawings that weren’t pixel-art in some of the cut scenes kinda ruined the feel for me too :/

geekmega replied to your post: Devo minha paixão por Star Wars ao meu pai.

Haha, que bacana. Eu comecei assistir Star Wars por causa do meu tio.Ele me levou pra ver as estreias do Episódio II e III nos cinemas quando era novinho, mó emoção hahaha

Sim…era muito incrível…mesmo não entendendo nada eu me apaixonei kkkk…..o único que lembro claramente de ter ido ver quando pequena foi o Episódio II mas meu pai garante que fez questão de me levar em todos e criar uma Jedi…mas trai o movimento e virei Sith….desculpa pai T_T

Cool News! (who's excited? lol)

Hello guys, how are you doing?

First things first, I’d like to thank all of you who started following me, lately. It’s really cool and I found a lot of interesting people since then :)

So, here comes the freaking news for ya (excitement exceeds EIGHT THOUSAND!)

  • New Theme! I’m not THAT good on web designing, but I did my best (you’re gonna love those Pikachus there). Check it out.
  • You can submit posts now. I’ve never set this option and a couple of days ago while I was going home, I started wondering deeply: WHY NOT?
    Here we go, then xD
  • I changed my domain’s name (I actually bought a new one). Now it is “”. But you can still access via “”, anyway.
  • You could ask me anything. It’d be awesome, really.
  • That’s all =D

New Theme is not 100% yet, I’m gonna change some icons and stuff, but for now it seems good to me.

That’s it, let us celebrate!

OK, no more gifs hahaha