German artist Dirk Loechel just completed a geektastic project that he began working on over a year ago. Behold the awesome and exhaustively-detailed glory that is Loechel’s Size Comparison chart of Science Fiction Spaceships. The full-size chart measures 4,268 x 5,690 pixels and contains so many ships that, every time we start looking for a specific vehicle, we get distracted by countless others. Most of the ships are grouped by franchise. He also included the ISS at the top (in a yellow box to the right of the title) to help provide a sense of real-life scale.

And before anyone gets upset about the absence of enormous spacecraft such as the Death Star or Halo’s CSO-class supercarrier and small ships like TIE fighters or X-wings, please note that, for reasons of image quality and organization, the chart only includes ships measuring between 100 and 25,000 meters long. Loechel also has an excellent explanation for why there’s no TARDIS on the chart either, saying that it’s both too large AND too small to be included. We rather like that.

Click here to view the chart in all its full-size glory.

The chart is not being offered for sale. Instead Loechel encourages fellow sci-fi enthusiasts to simply go ahead and print out a poster-size version for themselves.

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Jamie Young of FoamTastic Props created this awesome life-size model of Ravage, one of the Decepticons, evil enemies of the heroic Autobots from the Transformers universe. Young made this fearsome replica using foam anti-fatigue mats painstakingly cut into carefully shaped parts which then had to be painted and glued together.

Click here for step-by-step process photos and visit the FoamTastic Props website and Facebook page to check out more of Jamie Young’s geektastic projects.

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Remember the little round prints of my Pokemon artwork I posted about a week ago? Well, they’ll be made into necklaces shortly! A bit more assembly to go, but… soon! ETA: I’ve finished up 9 necklaces, which are now available in the shop. More coming shortly!

Right now I just have antique bronze necklaces, but I can get different colors/run different prints/do custom art for necklaces if the demand is there! Just send me a note to discuss the details if interested. :)

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It’s been a while since we last paid a visit to the Department of Crackerjack Coffee Cup Art. Today those happily over-caffeinated folks have been blown away by this awesome map of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth drawn on a Starbucks cup by an anonymous customer who then gave their creation to Redditor and barista Carpe_Natem. It’s such a beautifully detailed rendering, could it be that Tolkien’s son Christopher Tolkien stopped in for a grande mocha?

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Comic Bricks is an awesome collaborative art show for which a group of LEGO builders tasked themselves with recreating comic book covers in LEGO form. There were no restrictions regarding how the recreations could be styled (vignettes, mosaics, sculpture, etc.), so long as they were made using LEGO pieces and the end results looked like the respective comic book covers upon which they were based.

The Comic Bricks art show just had its debut exhibition in Los Angeles at the 2014 Designer Con, where it was one of the main highlights of the convention.

Visit the Comic Bricks! Flickr group to view many more photos. It’s geektastic fun to see the different ways the LEGO artists chose to create their LEGO comic book covers.

"Some of them went the extra mile by adding titles, price tags, issue numbers, and other fun details. Taking something inherently three-dimensional to recreate intricate two-dimensional art is quite a tall task, and the artists didn’t disappoint."

Photos by monsterbrick, Graznador, polywen, Tommy Williamson, and SPARKART! respectively.

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