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Barden Bellas - No Diggity

from the movie Pitch Perfect

Blackstreet’s original version will always be #1, but this is just awesome.

  • Si Nicole Galias haha

Kaalo ini. Pero for my Han, I will post it. I mean, it’s meant to be posted anyway xD Han, may ano, um, msg ako. Pasensyahan mo nalang ako kay karadali lang ini. Hehehe. Ban ako tanga da pero msg man lang ina. So bation mo man ulit. Hehe. Iz a bit awkward lang kaso .___.

Thou shan't play this
  • Thou shan't play this
  • Til after you've read the post

I’m sorry it took this long! And I’m sorry I wasn’t able to go to Laguna today. We initially planned on going, and had I read your msgs I would’ve stopped Jan from leaving today, kaso niyan lang ako nakainternet :( I hope this makes up for it though, kahit onti lang :/

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Worth the fandom

This is SkinsUK all over again. After the London Olympics 2012, I have fandomed for over a lot of people, particularly the artistic gymnasts. I wonder when this will ever stop. There aren’t even a lot of people here who can relate to me. I think I’m the only Filipino out here or there who’s obsessed with Aliya Mustafina, or Vika Komova, or the Fierce Five, or the other gymnasts or athletes out there. I think I’m the only Filipino who’s not even close to being a gymnast but gush about the gymnastic world as if I am. I think I’m the only Filipino who’s gay enough to be shipping Mustamova, Raistafina, or McKaly. And


Because these people that I fangirl for are on actuality worth the fandom. These are athletes who’ve won medals on the Olympics because they’ve worked their asses off for that. Who does not like that? They’re just 


. They’re all so inspiring. I love them. So I guess I won’t be surprised if this fandom does lasts a lifetime.