Torn - One-shot

I know, I know, I should be writing chapter 2 of Fallen- but this one-shot refused to leave my mind until I wrote it out.

“Harry, put down the alcohol.” Came a stern voice from Harry’s left, normally Harry would have ignored such reprimand, but he knew that accent anywhere- even in his drunken state. That voice, it was the reason he turned to alcohol, drinking away his pain. He closed his eyes, not bearing to look at the person who stood in front of him.

“Go away; it’s all your fault. You left us, you left me- you can’t just do that man.” Slurred Harry in response, absent mindedly grasping the neck the bottle tighter- his hands shaking, though from grief or drunkenness, he couldn’t tell.

“It’s not like I really had a choice, Hazza.” Harry didn’t know whether it was the use of his nickname or the sadness in the voice that made him open his eyes and look up.  Just as he had remembered him, blonde hair was scruffily spiked, pale skin and warm blue eyes – the eyes that haunted his dreams every night.  Seeing his image in front of him was enough to make Harry want to take a swig out of the half empty bottle, but the other boy’s hand stopped him.

“Harry, you need to let go- it’s been 2 months.”

Harry stared, bewildered and gave his a small shake. “I can’t just let go, it’s not as easy as that.” His voice timid, his eyes watering.

“Please Harry, for me- just let go, I can’t let you do this to yourself.” Pleaded the blonde, his voice desperate and upset- Harry knew he couldn’t deny him, so he gave a slight nod, eyes closed with defeat, putting the bottle on the bench beside him.

By the time he opened his eyes again, the blonde was nowhere to be seen. From that moment on, Harry’s dreams were no longer haunted by the blue eyes and he never saw the blonde again.


Louis sat in his apartment, grey eyes staring numbly at the blank walls, fingers clutching onto a soft red hoodie. He had left his apartment a maximum of 4 times in the past 2 months; he couldn’t face the world- not after what he had done to his friends. He was the oldest, he was meant to look after his band mates, protect them. He had failed them, he had failed everyone.

“You know that’s not true, Louis.” An Irish voice filled the stuffy, unmoving air of his living room. He would’ve been surprised at this sudden appearance if it wasn’t for the fact that the Irishman had been visiting him pretty much every day since the incident.  

“But it is true. It’s my fault, I should h-have been t-there that night when…when.” But Louis could not continue his sentence as the sobs that formed in his chest, choked him- so the only thing he could was cry on the blonde’s shoulder.

“You wouldn’t have been able to do anything, or worse it could’ve been you instead. Please stop blaming yourself, Louis, I hate seeing waste away your life in this cold room because of me. Please, just let go of me, talk to the others- they need you.”  With that said, the Irishman gave him a final hug and walked out the door- Louis watching as he left. With a sigh Louis, got up and made his way over to the phone- sending a text to the others apologising to them for not speaking to them.

That was the final time the blonde Irishman with the blue eyes had visited Louis.


Zayn kicked the stone in anger, watching it ricochet of the mossy wall beside him. With a sigh, he sat down on the same wall, fingers drumming to a silent song

“Seriously Zayn, what had the stone ever done to you?” Smirked a familiar voice beside him, though Zayn stared straight on ahead, looking at the old metallic car in front of him instead of this ‘person’ that sat next to him.

“I’m afraid to say it was just there, poor thing got caught up in my anger.” Zayn replied whilst lighting a cigarette, putting it between his lips. They both sat in comfortable silence as they stared into the road. The road where it all happened, where the gun was announced and the trigger pulled. The road where Zayn held his friend as he died in his own pool of blood and the only thing Zayn could do was talk to him. The road where 5 became 4.

“I miss you, Nialler.”  Zayn said quietly, looking at his friend, to which Niall only replied with a sad smile and a nod. They sat in silence for a few more minutes, just enjoying one another’s company.  After a while Zayn just turned to Niall, brown met blue and he just simply nodded- the other boy understood what this meant and got up and walked away from Zayn for the last time.


The rain spluttered down, drenching Liam to the bone, but he didn’t care, he only cared for the marble that was in front of his kneeling form. Liam was crying, though this went unnoticed in the rain, he was crying for his lost friend, for his soul mate, for the one he never told his true feelings to.

With a heart wrenched sob, Liam’s clenched fist hit the muddy ground again and again; he was somehow hoping that this action would rid his soul of the pain that scarred him so deeply. He missed him so much, every day waking up was agony and he just couldn’t handle it, he just wanted his Niall back.

Liam went to hit the ground again, when a hand reached out and stopped him, the other’s hand enclosing on Liam’s. Slowly Liam looked up and swathe blue eyes that he missed so much.

“Hey Li.” Niall said sadly, hand still holding Liam’s clenched fist, his ocean eyes brimming with emotion.  Liam could only stare at the boy, unable to speak, only stuttering out a serious of noises. When he finally could string together words, he said the thing he had been dying to say since bootcamp.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Was the reply, Liam could barely believe what he was hearing, they held each other’s gaze for a few seconds longer, till Niall gave a little smile and started slowly fading away- his grasp loosening on Liam’s hand.

“No wait, come back! You can’t leave me, not again!” Liam tried desperately to keep hold of Niall, but it was too late. He was gone.

“No,no, not again. You can’t leave me here, on my own.” Sobs wracked Liam’s body as he dejectedly started hitting the water logged ground.


8 years had passed, 8 years of awards, of music and of an emptiness that filled their hearts- feeling it clutch the very essence of their souls, even though they had let go a while ago.

Now they stood on stage, for the final time, about to sing a song that had refused to listen to, let alone sing for 8 years. Their final song they would ever perform in public, a song they haven’t even rehearsed in fear that the lack of a certain voice would prevent them from performing it.

The four boys stared solemnly into the crows, their fans waiting excitedly but also nervously for their last song. Liam looked to his right, to meet the eyes of his other band mates and with a sad nod he began.

“I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm
He came around and he was dignified
He showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldn’t be that man I adored
You don’t seem to know
Or seem to care what your heart is for
Well I don’t know him anymore”


Tears adorned the band members’ eyes, all noticing the lack of the only thing that completed this song, that completed them. Harry shakily started his verse well aware that drops of emotions now rolled down his cheek.

“There’s nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That’s what’s going on
Nothing’s fine I’m torn.”


The chorus began, the fans joining in- but Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam were oblivious to them as they clung to each other, trying to keep going. When a voice only they could hear joined in- the voice that made them One Direction, made them whole again. The four men looked to the left to see their friend, standing beside them singing along, eyes shining and a small smile on his pale face- looking exactly the same as he did 8 years ago.


“I’m all out of faith
This is how I feel
I’m cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor”

They would be lying if they said they didn’t almost start sobbing at the sight of their lost band mate, but they carried on, ignoring the tears that streamed down their faces, feeling the salty drops hitting their smiling lips.

“Illusion never changed
Into something real
I’m wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You’re a little late
I’m already torn”

Niall smiled at his closest friends, joining them for the last and final time as One Direction who had been four for so many years, finally became 5 once more.


So here is my first fanfic, hoping to make it a multi-chapter. I know this chapter is short, but the next chapters should be longer (hopefully).

So yeah, here it is…

Liam hated Niall.

He hated the way he always laughed loudly, how his eyes crinkled and his head tipped back. He hated how everyone loved him, he could do no wrong. The way he smiled, his dimples, his gorgeous blonde locks, his beautiful blue eyes that seemed to reflect his entire soul. Liam hated the way Niall looked at people with such genuine interest, as if they were the most important thing on this earth.

But the thing he hated most of all was the fact that he, Niall, had made Liam fall hopelessly in love with him.

It wasn’t like Liam has planned to fall in love with his new roommate,  but it wasn’t like he was expecting his roommate to be this stunning Irish kid who seemed to light up Liam’s world. He didn’t even notice he had fallen, but when he had it was difficult to get back up.

Okay, make it that impossible.

So here Liam sat in class, absent mindedly drawing hearts in his exercise book with the words ‘L.P loves N.H’- because, y’know, that’s the manly thing to do. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice when the teacher dismissed them, but a good shake to the shoulder brought him out of his daydream. He instantly closed his note book, not wanting the person shaking him to see his heart filled book and prayed to god that the person didn’t see anything. Liam looked up, brown met blue.

“Come on Li, you can’t spend all day daydreaming. We have a debate we’ve got to get to.”  Niall smiled brightly at him and any hatred Liam had seemed to muster during class instantly washed away only to be replaced by yearning and joy.  

“Okay, okay I’m coming. Cause why would I ever want to miss debate?!” Liam’s voice dripped with sarcasm, to which Niall could only laugh at. Liam disliked debate, to put it mildly. Public speaking definitely wasn’t his forte, he couldn’t argue to save his life and the debate teacher seemed to hold a permanent grudge against him. This could be because the first night of staying at Hilltop Boarding school he got lost and crashed into a very annoyed and grumpy Mr. Walsh- who at the time was carrying a cup of tea and very important paperwork. The only reason he was taking debate was to make his University application look better, and to spend more time with Niall.

So with all this in mind, Liam reluctantly got up, preparing to face an hour of complete torture- trying to take as much time as possible to pack up his stuff, Niall just stood there, his cute little dimples so obvious. Out the door they both went, Niall casually threw his arm round Liam’s shoulders, causing the latter’s heart to race. They just fitted together so perfectly.

On the way to debate Liam and Niall joked around, their laughs echoing around the corridors. Liam had to point Niall in the right direction, seeing as the boy has only been here for a few weeks and had the most awful sense of direction.  Eventually they arrived, giggling their way through the door frame.

“Well Hilltop’s newest couple finally decided to arrive!”

Lost - One-shot

I’ve had this one finished for a few days, though I’ve been resistant to post it as I don’t really like it :/ Ah well, here it is anyway

‘I’ve fallen for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet.” – ‘Kiss Me’, Ed Sheeran


Liam turned around the sharp corner of the hotel, trying to find the room he would be staying in, his eyes cast downwards at the small piece paper which held his room number on.  Because of this he did not notice another person rounding the same corner from the opposite direction.


They both fell to the floor as they collided; Liam, somehow, managed to hit his head on god knows what; pain flared forcing him to close his eyes

“Fuck. Sorry mate, let me give you a hand up.” Came a strong Irish accent, his eyes opened to only meet the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They were ocean blue, the kind of eyes which the saying ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ was an understatement, they told a story – portrayed every emotion the owner was feeling. Maybe Liam was going a bit far, making all these assumptions with just one look, but he just continued to fall ever deeper into the ocean pools. Was it possible to fall for someone from just their eyes?

“Err, are you alright?” The Irish voice interrupted Liam’s thoughts; he shook his head pulling himself out of the trance Liam had got himself into and for the first time he looked at the person who owned the eyes. He was young, blonde hair that seemed to glow golden and skin pale as the white walls next to us.  The boys face displayed concern and worry, it was only then Liam realised he was still on the floor.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a small bump to the head.” Liam said in an awestruck voice, almost kicking himself at how stupid he sounded. Gratefully he took the hand that the Irishman had stretched out, not trusting his legs at this very moment in time.

“Thanks.” Liam smiled, to which the blonde flashed the brightest of smiles back; the Wolverhampton boy fell a little more. The next few moments could’ve been awkward; they could’ve stood there for a few more moments and went on their merry little ways- lucky for them the other boy seemed to have a very chatty and outgoing streak in him.

“I’m Niall, Niall Horan. Sorry for crashing into you back there, mam always said I should learn to look up a bit more and that I would end up walking into a brick wall if I wasn’t careful enough, guess I should’ve listened to her. Anyway, I’m looking for room number 158, don’t suppose you know where that happens to be?” I stared dumbstruck at how quickly Niall could talk, and how many subjects he could talk about in the space of 30 seconds….hang on. Did he say room 158?

Eagerly, Liam looked down at the slip of paper that held his assigned room.

“Hello Niall, I’m Liam Payne and it just so happens that I’m also looking for room 158….”


5 years down the line, Liam lie next to Niall, his blonde locks messy and unkempt, face pale and his mouth turned upwards with the ever lasting smile that graced his face. His eyes were closed, hiding those beautiful ocean eyes that Liam fell for. Liam still found himself getting lost in Niall’s eyes, though this time when he looked into them they held love and happiness that was directed at Liam.

Unable to resist, Liam bent forward and placed a gentle kiss on Niall’s soft lips, the latter’s eyes fluttered open revealing blue orbs that held the same smile that was painted on his face.

Wished - One-shot

So here is another one-shot in my Nouis bodyguard verse, you don’t have to read the first one to undertand this one :)

I might do a sequel for this one, depends how nice I’m feeling XD


Louis glared at the scene that was going on in front of him, arms crossed as he sent daggers to a certain Wolverhampton boy who was currently flirting with another certain Irishman.  It was sickening, how they constantly laughed at inside jokes, how they tended to put their arms round each other, they were meant to be protecting him- not joking around. Liam and Niall were so close, he wished he could have the closeness with Niall, but every time he tried, Louis always seemed to end up against the wall or on the floor due to the fact that he kept unintentionally insulting the blonde.

To any outsider, it would sound as if Louis was jealous, but that was untrue, completely and utterly untrue. Sure he did get a pang in his heart when Liam and Niall hugged, and his heart did race when his and Niall’s hands brushed against one another and how the blonde’s carefree laugh seemed to make Louis forget all his troubles. The Doncaster lad noticed how the sun bounced off the Irishman’s blonde locks, or how his eyes seemed to light up every time he walked into work- all these did not in any way make Louis’ flutter. The mantra that he had been playing in his head since the day joined his bodyguard team began to play its tune.

He was not in love Niall, he was not in love with Niall, he was not in lo-

The Irishman turned and smiled that beautiful smile of his at Louis, making it very difficult for the older boy to keep the scowl on his face.  Beside Niall stood a laughing Liam, who was practically on the floor giggling at something the blonde had said- Louis wished he could know what the both of them found so funny. Just as Louis decided to go back to his work the laughing stopped, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of 2 guns being taken out of the owner’s belts. Louis’ grey eyes looked up in worry to see Niall looking at him, fingers at his lips telling Louis to be quiet. The older boy nodded letting him he understood, the blonde seemed convinced and signalled for Liam to stand by Louis as Niall made his way out into the hallway.

The next few seconds were tense, Louis and Liam standing in absolute silence, eyes fixed on the door way, the former gripping the desk tight, the latter with his gun trained on the door.

A gunshot echoed, breaking the nervous silence.

The Guilty Ones - Chapter 1

Authors note: So me and Lucy are writing a collab fic, we’ll be writing alternative chapters and yeah, here is the first chapter :D


Liam sat in the back of the old rusty car, his head resting against the window though he was turned away from the rolling hills of green; instead choosing to study the other four occupants of the car - all of whom were almost complete strangers to Liam. 

To his side sat a smirking boy (a smile Liam could already tell was going to be a hit with the ladies), green eyes alit with amusement, curly hair bouncing slightly as a chuckle escaped his smiling lips. This boy was the youngest of the 5, going by the name of Harry Styles, a 16 year old from Holmes Chapel. From what Liam could tell, he was a bit cheeky, already poking teasing comments at the others, but never going as far to insult any of them.

Beside Harry sat Zayn, who was leaning against the rain splattered window, eyes closed, breath slow and steady, his dark hair scruffy, his clothes rumpled.  Zayn was a mysterious one, Liam had yet to get a proper gage on the dark skinned beauty, but from he had seen of him, Zayn seemed nice enough and fitted in well with the rest of the group. Liam doubted Zayn would keep that nice persona towards Harry for long however, if the Curly haired boy was going to keep poking him awake.

Liam eye’s flitted to the front of the car, glancing at the duo that were now changing the lyrics to whatever mindless song was on the radio. In the front sat the oldest of the 5, and the driver of this journey, whose name was Louis, and who was perhaps the chattiest person that any of them had ever met - though this very fact came as a surprise. It came as a surprise because at first, Louis seemed the quietest of the lot - grey eyes always seeming to say more than what had been spoken, but as soon as they left for Ireland he really broke out of his shell, to put it mildly.

As the thought of Ireland entered his head, Liam’s brown eye’s turned towards the other person at the front, the one giving the directions to the unknown destination. The boy’s blonde locks glinted in the Irish sun, and, though Liam could not seem them, he knew that the his blue eyes would be sparkling. Liam knew Niall the best out of the boys, seeing as they had shared a room back at boot camp, before they were put together as a band, and so Liam knew that the younger boy laughed all the time, throwing his head back in such a carefree manner - much like he was doing now as he laughed at another one of Louis’ comments. 

However, as they drew closer to their destination these acts of happiness that made Liam smile seemed to be dwindling in number, the blonde beginning to quieten down- though this quietness only went noticed by Liam, who did not worry or linger on it as he suspected the younger boy was just tired.

“Left here.” Came a strong Irish accent, bringing Liam out of his thoughts, looking from the rest of the boys just in time to see the sign that read ‘MULLINGAR’ as they drove past, entering the town - identical house trimming the outskirts, their bricks old and worn. After much discussion since leaving the presence of Simon Cowell, all five boys decided that if they wanted to get anywhere in this competition, then they would have to get to know one another, learn how the others worked, sung - everything. This process would be the comings together of the group; they just needed to find a place where a band could be formed, before they were required to go to the judge’s house. Louis and Zayn’s houses were ruled out, they both had more than one sibling and adding another four people to the houses would just be too much. Harry’s house, while being prefect for them to go to, was under renovations, so that left just Niall or Liam’s house. The young Irishman suggested his house, the fact that there was a separate small bungalow in his garden definitely swinging the vote.

That was the reason that Liam was now looking out at the streets of the Irish town, taking in how similar yet different it looked and felt from English towns. Very few people were wandering the streets as rain fell from the grey heavens, bouncing off the tarmac. Niall told Louis the way, the latter making a serious of turns and twists until finally…

“It’s this house on the right, with the red car.”

The car creaked onto the curb, pulling to a sudden halt, causing four of the boys to be thrown forward in surprise. Louis turned round to face glares from the three back passengers, all of whom were rubbing their heads, to which the Doncaster boy could only smile nervously back them.

“Seriously dude, you need a new car.” Zayn muttered, obviously still groggy from having just woken up, a yawn clawing it’s way of his unwitting mouth. Liam nodded, agreeing with Zayn’s statement, and looked around the moth eaten car to see the two youngest doing the same.

“I’m not getting rid of Gertrude, she was gift from my grandparents, plus it’s not like any of you guys have a set of wheels or anything.”  Louis huffed indignantly, arms crossed, trying to glare back at the annoyed boys, but failing miserably - he burst out laughing, which in turn had a domino like effect around the car till all five were laughing for no apparent reason.  Liam sighed, though it was out of content, opening the car doors and pulling himself out, which made the whole vehicle groan in protest, it’s limbs crying out. Harry, Zayn and Louis followed suit, stepping out the stuffy car, slamming the car doors shut with a resounding bang.  Liam noticed that Niall had not joined them in getting out of the car, and once realizing this fact the 16 year old from Wolverhampton walked round to the front passenger seat to see the Irishman, ocean eyes glazed over, slender body stiff, staring onto the rain covered road in front, seemingly unaware that the others had even got out.

Liam frowned slightly, eyebrows furrowing, worry etching itself onto his face as he looked upon the spaced out boy. That certainly wasn’t like the Niall he had come to know at boot camp, the one who lit up the room whenever he walked into it, the one who could talk and smile about absolutely anything. The un Niall like characteristics that seemed to grow the closer they got to Mullingar had not sparked much worry in Liam until this moment, yet now he vowed to himself that he would keep a closer eye on the blonde, try to find out what was troubling him.

The raindrops that had glued themselves to the window unlatched, cascading downwards as Liam knocked lightly, trying to bring Niall out of his trance. The sudden sound obviously worked as Niall shook as head and smiled towards Liam, though he could see that smile was fake, as those blue eyes still had a sense of foreboding and trouble set deep within them.

Once they had unloaded the suitcases from the weathered car, the five boys hurried towards the door, feet slapping against the path, not eager to spend another moment in the tipping rain. Liam stood behind Niall as the boy knocked on the door then opened it, not bothering to wait another moment in the cold. They all bustled in, feet stamping on the well placed welcome mat, grateful for the warmth that the house brought to their chilled bones. Near the front door stood a man with greying hair, eyes of the same blue that Niall’s eyes held, a smile plastered on his face – it was immediately obvious to Liam that it was fake.

“Hello my name’s Bobby, you must be…. Harry?” Liam took the hand that Bobby outstretched, shaking it firmly.

“No Mr. Horan, it’s Liam.” The latter smiled, letting go of his hand and stood to the side, letting the others introduce themselves. Liam looked at over at Niall, who was currently looking at his feet, shuffling from side to side. Liam wanted to go talk to the blonde, but just as he slipped beside him, Bobby turned towards Niall.

Liam watched Niall and his dad greeted one another, which was awkward to say the least.  There was no hug, no smile, just eye contact that seemed to speak 1000 words, none of which were positive, and mumbled ‘hello’.  Liam looked at the three other boys; all of who returned the same look of confusion and worry that was on his own face. Bobby broke the thick silence, Irish accent strong.

“So, urm, if you guys want to go put your stuff in the bungalow, then you can come back in for some tea.”


The five boys dumped their stuff in the doorway of the bungalow, not really wanting to waste another second as hunger consumed them.  They ran back down the garden, Liam leading up the rear, and burst into the house, again stamping their feet, Liam removing his brown boots from his feet and then catching up with the rest, who were already up the table.

Liam sat opposite Niall, who, while not completely back to normal, seemed a lot happier now - it was more because of the fact that there was food in front of him than the fact that he felt better, Liam thought. The awkward moments from before seemed to be forgotten as they dug into their food, and conversation flowed with natural ease.

Midway through the meal, the door opened, Liam heard it, but thinking it was just someone going to the bathroom he ignored it, carrying on obliviously with his meal. It was only when he heard heavy footsteps and saw the look of pure of horror on Niall’s face as a gasp escaped the Irish boy’s mouth that Liam turned round.

1d4everyoung said:

Niam, hot sex in public toilet

Note: Oh god, this will be the very first time that will have ever written smut or anything close. Feel special XD

Liam pushed Niall against the cubicle wall, hand’s roaming, lips crashed together igniting a spark in the lower pit of his stomach. Their tongue’s fought for dominance as he pressed against the Irish lad, causing a moan from the younger boy- only turning Liam on the further. He bit the other boy’s bottom lip as he cupped the obvious bulge, the blonde squirmed in pleasure at the small pressure that Liam caused.

They broke away for second as Liam reached for the blonde’s belt buckle, opening his eye’s as if asking for permission, but he met with blue eye’s filled with such passion and want that it was answer enough. Niall pulled Liam into another ferocious kiss, hand’s in the older boy’s hair as the latter slipped his hand’s into Niall’s boxers, grasping the long thick, member.


Any poor innocent person person that walked into the men’s bathroom at Nando’s that day were greeted with horrfic sounds. Moans filled the air, heavy breathing met their ear’s- causing them to turn around instantly, hoping they could some how burn the sound out of their mind’s.

30 minutes later and the toilet’s were safe as a very hot and flushed Niall and Liam walked out the bathroom, both grinning from ear to ear. As they walked out of Nando’s Niall’s thick accent broke the hot silence,

"Well we can cross that off our list."

shelleyhcnnigs said:

nouis-trip to disneyland and they go on the tower of terror (:

Louis shuffled along the bench that he had been told stand on by a very bored looking Frenchman, the fact that the Disney worker did not seem fully attentive only added to the older boy’s worries.

"Niall, I really don’t think this is a good idea- I mean, what if the cable’s snap or something." Fear slowly rising as the doors had shut, the his heart racing as he checked the belt for the 5th time.

"Never took you to be one that would worry about a simple Tower Of Terror." Smirked the Irish lad, his infectious smile didn’t help calm the fear that had reached it’s peak at the cart started upwards. Without thinking, Louis clutched Niall’s hand as they reached the final point before they dropped, squeezing the life out of the pale hand- it’s owner only chuckling at the reaction of the older boy.

As they dropped, though he would never admit to it, Niall was glad that Louis had held his hand, his heart pounding in his chest as they headed to the floor.

anonymous said:

Niall&zayn----on an airplane sitting on each sides of a pretty, 20 year old woman.

"So, do you fly to Italy often?" Winked the young woman as she leaned forward towards a very stunned and very not interested Niall. She batted her long eyelashes at him, to which Niall could only look towards Zayn (who was on the opposite of her) to help.

In reply to his silent cries for help, the older boys chuckled at him, knowing full well that Niall did not want or like this attention and that once they got to the hotel the would never hear the end of it from the Irish lad, as will the rest of his classmates, the teachers and most likely a few of the locals.

Even though he knew what the younger boy would be like, Zayn was too amused to do anything about it, laughing as he watched his best friend squirm in horror as the woman ‘accidently’ dropped her phone on Niall’s side causing her to reach over him. If looks could kill, the glare that Niall sent Zayn’s way would’ve kille dhim 100 times over.

But all Zayn could think of was the teasing he could do once they got off the place.

anonymous said:

Niam, niall taking care of liam when he is sick

"Liam, for god sake, just sit back and lie down before I have to tie you to the bed." Niall said sternly to the older boy who was trying to get himself out of bed, his face pale and feverish. At the mention of being tied to the bed, Liam opened his mouth to speak, but Niall cut him off.

"And no, it will not be the kinky kind of tie, and if you do not stay in bed and rest, I am banding you from using the handcuffs again." Liam shuffled back into bed unwittingly, glaring at his boy friend who stood at the end of their bed holding in his hands medicine and a wet flannel.

Liam was one of those people, who even if they were on death’s door way, would still try and go outside to run and then to work. This fact caused Niall such pain, trying to keep the agitated Wolverhampton boy from going outside for a jog or whatever crazy thing he wanted to do.

Liam winced as Niall walked over, placing the cold flannel on his burning head, handing him pills and some water and withered under the Irishman’s icy glare until he downed the tablets.

"Good." Niall nodded, then walked over to the TV placing Toy Story into the DVD played and walked back to where an ill Liam lay, snuggling under the covers with him. Liam could only stare in horror at this action, and Niall called him the idiot!

"You do realise by doing this you’ll become ill too?" He sniffed, still not quite believing what the blonde was doing. At this question Niall only cuddled up closer to Liam, arms wrapping round the older boy’s flushed torso.

"Yeah, but I can’t have my Li Li by himself being moody now, can I?"