jiyongxoxo asked:

even though I haven't met you yet, and we don't talk T.T ---- Shoot this arrow▬▬▬► to 10 people you're glad you met. . . If you get 5 back you have a ~ BIG HEART ~

sorry for the late reply dear, I was on the way to my friend’s house aaww thank you for this ^^ and happy new year!

thranduilmoose asked:

If Big Bang is not your favorite kpop group, who is your favorite?

Big Bang is one of my favourite groups, I have a few fandoms which I love pretty equally. SNSD, Super Junior, 4Minute and f(x) are my other major fandoms -- cannot pick just one!

orz i thought it was obvious > < but beast! ^^

ahh 4minute and snsd are on my top girl group list :3 and girl’s day come before, but yeah ~ :3