How to catch an angel

I need you all to understand something about last weeks episode.

Last year, in April 2012, about when my Supernatural obsession was peaking on the excitement of being a brand new fan, I had several dreams featuring various cast and characters from the show. One in particular stood out to me. In this dream, someone had figured out a spell that could catch and bind angels, and they had caught Castiel with this. The signature element that showed this spell was in place was three flames floating in front of his forehead. When the spell was broken later on during the dream, it was replaced with three bleeding puncture wounds in the forehead. When I watched 8x10 with the control mechanism of Samandriel being tapped into by drilling holes into the forehead, I was staring with my mouth open thinking “No way… not possible…" I had that dream nearly 9 months ago, and then something eerily similar shows up in an actual episode. It was too crazy of a coincidence.

The idea of an angel binding spell that could put an angel completely under a villains control was something really intriguing to me actually. I wanted to turn it into a comic or some kind of short story but college ate my time away and I never got around to trying something.

Looks like Supernatural itself beat me to it anyways.

Or maybe I’m just tuned into angel radio?

When that first Season 9 promo came out I just got so excited about a plain clothes Castiel, my brain was like “oh wow what if hoodie and jeans and barefoot mm yes”

It wasn’t until I looked at my sketch later that I went “YOU DUNCE, HE’S FALLEN, HE DOESN’T HAVE WINGS ANYMORE

I don’t think I’m ever going to finish this, so I decided to throw the unfinished drawing at you all anyways. Because this is the kind of crap I REALLY love to draw.

I always liked to imagine the leviathan as some big nasty, oily, snake-like monsters with a hell of a lot of teeth. That must have been a terrifying moment in Castiel’s head when they sunk their claws in and ripped him down to take over the vessel’s body. So that’s supposed to be little Castiel down there with thousands of Leviathan bearing down on him. I just had this sudden inspiration one day of “man, that would be pretty badass to draw” and this is what came out.

John Reese from Person of Interest

I had my markers out for a class assignment and a Reese suddenly happened on a spare piece of paper (I had some screenshots on hand too). Not bad considering I only had one warm grey copic that worked and another that was dying. College has been eating up so much of my art time that it felt good to just draw something for myself for once.

Tauriel Speed-Portrait .. 1 Hour .. suggested by adathranduil

(You have my permission to delete: So it begins! Day one of my portrait challenge! I’m actually starting to feel confident with faces but wow I need to work on proportions and lighting. I realized color is what I’m really craving to do, so I may ban myself from any black and white portraits from here on out. Now you guys get to play “guess that screencap”)

Benedict how do you eyes…

Something I was messing around with tonight. Deareje’s one Benedict post was like the greatest thing to happen to me this week, and I’ve been oogling over images for art ideas since I found them.

Abandoning this one only because I hate skin tones and I’m so dreadfully tired.