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NEW VIDEO: Joe Roach (percussion staff) and Jesse Backes (drum sergeant) detail the preparation for a season with The Cavaliers.

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Allow the aether to guide your voice...

I’ve found that, as a man of 76 years, in no uncertain terms can you trust a half-witted moronic slovenly wretch than you can a politician.

For every bloated buffoon that runs for office there are three more like him, either waiting in the shadows to pounce at the right moment, or to latch on to their host like the leeches they are.

We live in a steam driven society, one that functions as clockwork, one that requires precision and exactness, for it is a system. What the politicians do not understand is that they are the ones binding up the system. Gumming up the works, rusting up key parts, purposefully throwing a wrench into it all: these are the men and women within BureauWorks, the senators, the ministers, the representatives, the governors, the official this, and the official that… All of them. An inefficient clusterbumble of theatrics, which is why all of the necessary corporate industry interference. Someone has to make decisions. So, while BureauWorks runs the show, but gets nothing done, the corporate entities within the Clockwork Foundation (GearWorks, SteamWorks, and others) make certain the metros continue operation.

It’s a wonder that we’ve come as far as steam tech when one looks at it all. Even the simple gear seems a fantastic bit of engineering, but there are those who just do not understand it at all and would prefer to fill out the paperwork required for making an opinion on such a matter.

- Dr. Arthur Monocle

    gearwork-the-steampunk-unicorn said:

    nice banner. is "when lillies cry" like "when cicadas cry"?

    I wanted to “play” with all the possible names for the story. I wanted something that denotes the passion, the love and the gore that will appear in it. So, I remembered the anime called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (translated as “When they cry”),a drama and gore story; and I joined it with the term “Lily” which means Hope, Faith, Purity, Innocence, Passion, Love, and (in Japanese jargon) Girl’s love.