Dubs Acoustic Filters

Price: $25

Ever noticed how loud it is at clubs and concerts? Maybe not because your hearing has already gone to pieces. The Dubs Acoustic Filters is an alternative that finds that sweet spot between comfortable volume levels without distorting the sound. 

Save your ears with these reusable ear plugs that use 17-piece Dynamic Attenuation filters (a passive mechanism reducing volume while preserving sound clarity and balance). You won’t find the usual cheap “Sky Mall” like material within these puppies, as they sport a steel body with polymer foam and silicone for comfort and durability. 

This has been sloth-approved!! ;) not really but get at them while you can! 




Ask Wingman - Leather Camera Straps

We love hearing from our readers, and one of our readers Adam reached out to us for some advice.

Q. I am looking for a Leather Camera Strap for under $100, can you help?

Yes, yes we can. So you have that perfect camera and it’s looking super sexy but something is missing, you want it to be at hand when that perfect opportunity for a shot arises. Maybe your camera came with a strap that does all that but chances are its black and ugly, so we have three leather straps that your Wingman highly recommends.

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