Join the Illuminati, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. ‘Power, protection and the best parties in the biz’, they said.

And what do I get?


Motherfucking zombies.

Not that I’m feeling let down or anything. Nope. I guess everyone has to start somewhere and naturally, I’m at the bottom of the heap. Besides, I get magic now. What would my old boss say if he could see me now? (Hint: nothing, he’d be too busy screaming…)

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I was about to leave for school and suddenly there is a stampede of OTP feels



Even though this scene was short, it made me sad. It’s a given that Ren is upset, but when you look at Ran, she seems to act nonchalantly. But then, Ran has this sudden realization (thus, the short pause at the last gif) wherein their older brother won’t be there as much anymore.

And, of course, KyoAni likes to rub salt onto our wounds, so they decided to put some shots of Makoto’s almost empty bedroom.

thank you

Whew okay so… Free! is over.

And, um, I don’t know how to take it. Neither do I know when this anime completely overtook my life, and neither do I know when it started meaning so much to me.

But, uh… I’d like us to think about a few things. What these characters have taught us and… I’m probably gonna cry while writing this but what the fuck.


Seijuro taught me to be brave, fearless, and unrelenting. I didn’t really realize his value and influence until the second season- but his actions, and brash attitude, and unfaltering certainty in every decision he makes shows me to not back down. Shows me that admiration can be granted for those that strive for the top and really earn it. We shouldn’t be afraid to say what we think and look after others, and for that, I thank Seijuro.


Momo taught me to always be positive and only care about the things that matter. Seriously- he’s always smiling and yelling and just has the best air about everything. He tells me to not let anything get me down, aspire to make others feel better, and despite all the pressures be very passionate to only the things that deserve your attention. This is a lesson I really need to learn, and for that, I thank Momo.


Gou taught me to embrace your femininity and don’t be afraid to take charge. Hell, this girl deserves a lot more credit than she gets. She shows me that you can dress cute, hang out with your girlfriends, and fawn over muscles all while being strict and able to take charge- not to mention holding immense care for your family. She’s super cute and able to be commanding at the same time, so for that, I thank Gou.


Sousuke taught me that dreams aren’t silly, and you should chase them, and always work for the ones you care about. Because being selfish is boring. If you want something, and really want it with all your heart, you should go after it and show your passion and not care about the consequences. He showed to me that caring about others and doing things for them is not weak, and that you are strong in your own way, and so for that I thank Sousuke.


Aii taught me to accept help from others, yet never for one moment be unfaltering in your own determination. As a member of a team where many younger girls have surpassed me, Nitori speaks to me on a great level. The fact that he never gave up, even when he cried and struggled to improve, but rather encouraged others, showed me that it’s okay to be upset and you should never let that stop you. You can always be better, you can always put your heart into things, and you can always cry once in a while, and so for that, I thank Aii. 


Rin taught me to inspire others and be open, all while staying strong in your own beliefs. He really learned to let others have their space, and while having influence is good, its more about you catering to someone else’s needs than trying to imply your own opinion. I certainly learned this along with him, and Rin’s actions show that you have to go after what you want. Be aggressive and determined, yet never lose sight of those that got you there- and always be there to support them. You can always grow from your mistakes, and heal, and for that I thank Rin.


Rei taught me that I should never give up, do anything I can to work hard, and strive to make others better. Ohhh my god here we go. Okay. Never once did Rei stop believing in his values, and never once did he shy away at the chance to improve and help others. You have to go out there, seize your opportunities, and even if you fail- you have to learn from your mistakes and never let them get you down. Not only did he teach me to improve myself, but improve others, and be unfaltering in my resolve to help them and sometimes make a sacrifice- and so for that I thank Rei.


Makoto taught me that kindness and understanding are very important, and you should always think of others. Although I like to think I can understand the feelings of others, I really can’t, and he showed me to be generous and forgiving and so sweet your teeth rot. Everyone must be treated differently, so you have to respect the wants and needs of others, yet bringing your friends happiness makes you happy. Despite how others may have acted, Makoto always spoke from the goodness of his heart, and so for that I thank Makoto.


Haru taught me that it’s okay to be uncertain, and even if you take a while in finding your way, the healing will come. I’m a near parallel to Haru, actually, and seeing him go through everything was like looking at a mirror. His inability to accept the future and think about it taught me a few things. It’s okay to not know what to do with your life, and you should be open with those that love you about those things. Never sacrifice a part of who you are to please others or get ahead, and even if the times seem rough, you will heal. It’s okay to get help, to be unsure, and for that, I thank Haru.


Nagisa taught me to become the most positive person you know, and always face what’s in front of you. Well now at this point I’m in tears, and that’s embarrassing, but I also don’t care. This character means more to me than I can even imagine. Stay alive and seize the day, never skip in showing your appreciation of others, and never back down. Speak the truth when needed and never falter in your energy and excitement. There’s no use in being negative, and Nagisa has taught me to forever keep my childish whimsy and put 700% into whatever I do. And, for that, with all my heart- I thank Nagisa.


I cannot, and will never, be able to express how much this show means to me. Although it pretty much took over my life and distracted me from reality, I met the most amazing people and discovered the most amazing things. The process of this show, and its characters, and everything about it… I am so thankful for these gay swimming nerds. So thankful. While it’s bittersweet, and I wish it wouldn’t end, I’ll smile that it happened.

Thank you, Free! Thank you.