You aren’t just a two arms
And a beating heart,
Or a warm body
With an ordinary soul,
You are more, way more…
You aren’t just a pretty face
Or an usual grace,
A poem that breathes
With eyes reflecting galaxies,
You are more, way more…
Show me everything you hide
All the smallest things you even forgot about,
Everything you’re afraid of
Even if you fear the wind when it gusts,
Tell me about your insecurities
Let me show you they’re the source of your beauty,
Show me your scars
I would love them away,
Tell me what do you hate about yourself
And I’d love them the most,
Guide me to your darkness
I’ll be the company that would make you safe,
Share your silence with me
I’ll make it sounds like peace,
Show me what your anger is made of
Kill me, burn me
I want to get hurt by you,
All the violence you use against yourself
Use it against me,
The soul you were born with
Deserved to worshipped,
You’re fathomless I can feel
By the worlds you hide beneath,
You are an ineffable gift
Honey, you are a miracle.

m!countdown - 080918
love like oxygen / first music show win

150524 7th anniversary party

Onew and Minho duet came out of nowhere, dropped on stage like a meteor and it basically ended everyone. They sang Onew’s solo together, each singing equal parts, Minho almost even more ㅠㅠ onew first came out singing and the suddenly Minho joined him and hell broke loose. Onew was smiling so widely, they kept looking at each other’s eyes while singing and just kept smiling….Before the climax they turned towards each other, raised their hands, connected their palms and sang like that ㅠㅠ then they clasped those hands tightly and faced the audience and kept singing ㅠㅠ the camera kept zooming in on their hands ㅠㅠ minho’s smile when he was singing while looking at jinki was just….

credit: @MelodyMeritamon

once again: not about jonghyun but i got a message asking about this topic earlier. there’s a false fan account going around saying that onew said what was mentioned in the above and i’ve seen many talk about it so further clarification! the extra tidbit about how well the others took care of him / gave him strength after his surgery is also beautiful to know. false information is never fun! so, if you see that fan account spreading around on any sns site, especially tumblr, please message the person who posted it and request for them to delete it! thank you. (source: sullaem via onewsama_)