Preorders for New 3DS and XL are open ⊟

If you want a New 3DS early and can’t wait until 2015 for it to release in the West, Play-Asia will ship one to you when the portable releases in October. While it’s likely the hardware will be region-locked again, there’s a possibility the upcoming (but delayed) 3DS Homebrew Channel will eventually fix that.

Note that the last listing is for a White 3DS XL, which doesn’t actually exist — it’s probably for the Metallic Black edition. Also, all these prices are before the $15-30 shipping/handling fees. Play-Asia will throw in one of its free branded 3DS cases with each order, too. We will let you know when the custom faceplates and docks are for up for preorder too!

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)

I’ve always kinda wanted to do a progress gif but I never have so pardon how shaky this one is but!! Yeah! This was kinda hard to decide when exactly to take a screenshot because I don’t really work in steps so much as just diving in and working it over but there are a few things I could kinda pick out so here goes

1: Sketch

2: Throw in a base color (green) and start signifying what colors you want to go where, really just starting to block in colors without paying much attention to shape

3: More…..coloring underneath the sketch layer

4: Ok now I get into more dynamic coloring with the fur and stuff. I noticed I had a really low contrast and my levels were telling me my image was kinda dark so i fixed that here

5: Painting over the lineart!! This part takes the longest and is pretty much the majority of the work? I just go in and define shapes and get rid of a majority of the lines (or all of them really) 

6: Details? I guess? Whatever I missed? I put in the spices above the stove top and the celery going into the pot?? But I also noticed that (again) the contrast wasn’t what I wanted it to be so I went in with a multiply layer and just slapped that on everything that I wanted to push further into the background that had no business being a light/middle tone.

But this illustration has a lot of first time things for me (namely fur, glassware, kitchen appliances in general,  etc.) and I’m really proud of how it turned out!