We’re looking for new additions into our guild! 


  • Must download the LINE app. It’s where we plan our attacks in Guild Events and keep each other updated on item status, atk. sp., etc.
  • Lvl 75+ (If you are a member and invite anyone into our guild, we don’t care what lvl they are no matter how low [we’re looking at you lvl 50’s and below!], they are definitely welcome!)
  • Must speak English! (Even if you are bad at it! If you can read this post and understand it, then send in those requests!)
  • Active (To be active means to contribute to atks. Not necessarily chatting. But our attack strategy does require some of your feedback and makes it easier for us to determine a time to atk around our busy schedules. Those inactive during a guild event will be booted, but are still welcome to come back after the event ends!)
  • Cash players and Free players are welcome. We don’t care how many 5-star daemons you have. All we want is your cooperation and contribution in our battles. And we try to make things equal for both Cash players and Free players. :3

Once you are accepted to our guild and have added LINE. Search and add the userID “jukebox3000” to get added to our guild’s chat log. Make sure you msg. her your Ayakashi username also so she knows you are a part of the guild! If you have any questions, please ask.

Updated: 5/18/14. 5 spots open!

This one guy in class basically told me I was mean/have an attuide. I didn’t really realize that I did. But I guess I felt like I always had to be mean. When I was younger everyone always made fun of my weight. I used to get so sad and sometimes even think that I wanted to kill myself because of it. I used cussing as somewhat as a defense mechanism. I use to swear like a sailor. It helped for a while but I deiced to change because I just felt like it wasn’t very attractive. People still made fun of me here and there but I use my sarcastic side to help draw attention away from it. But finally I grew a backbone and just laughed it off or not even listened to them but after a while it started getting to me again. So I always feel like I have to put up a wall or defend myself because all people have to be judge me. That’s probably why I’m “mean”.

I dreamt about you last night. I’m convincing myself it’s because you thought of me before you went to sleep, like what they say.

(But the truth is maybe it’s just because I want you that bad)

Government Classification Questions

1. Who rules? 

In Athens the people rule. Everyone, rich or poor, can be apart of the government. In Athens they believed in equality even though men were the only ones apart of it. 

2. 2) How many governing bodies are there? Do they interact? 

There were three pillars of the democracy. They were the Assembly of Demos, the Council of 500 and the People’s Court. The Assembly was a regular gathering of male Athenian citizens to gather, discuss and vote on laws to benefit society. The Council had 500 men from all 10 tribes. The Council discussed decrees to prepare the meetings for the Assembly. The People’s Court was just as important as the Assembly or Council. It was a place for citizens to listen on cases and to vote on punishments of those who were guilty. They were paid to do this and was a great for poor citizens to get money. 

3. How much power does that government have? Is it limited in any way? Who limits? 

The government has all of the power and control over everything. It is limited by the people as well. If a law has been decreed and some of the Councilors don’t agree with it by a show of hand, they have the freedom to say what they feel. They can veto the law and create another one to benefit the community. 

4. From whence does the ruler draw his/her power? aka Why/How does he get to rule?

There is no one ruler. The people in Athens participate in whatever they want to at least once a year. No one is denied for wanting to be apart of the Council, Assembly or People’s Court. 

5. How does the country make money? Who controls the way money is spent?

The Assembly discusses how to spend money in Athens. A lot of money is spent on the military. Everybody pays tax in Athens so the money is given to the government. 

6. What rights do the ordinary citizens have?

All of the citizens in Athens have the same rights. It does not matter if you are in one of the 3 pillars because they are ordinary citizens as well. In Athens power is to the people and they are treated all equal. Woman on the other hand are not allowed to have a say in the government, it is a bit sextist. 


Arcanum Bellum ~The Magus~ Casts

Ah before I started, I put the wrong Skill for Magician [Reversed} that should be Greatly Increase Phantom Defense. I’m too lazy to change the pic. So pardon me.

This event is really close at being worst as Taurus Event. We finished lv50 one day before event end. To add the worst, pure drop is very low. We’re only getting 3 pures at the moment and there’s not a lot of spare time to hunt. Not that I really care about pure. Got a lot of Divina attackers. I may be more excited if it’s Anima.

Two of our members got kicked. Actually, I was kind of wonder. Is it that hard to follow rules and regulation ? Ok, our guild rules is practically simple. However most new members tend to break them. Why I don’t know.

All in all.. I think I’m growing tired of the GCQ events. I mean.. After Zodiac ends, Zynga should create some new event for guild.

Maybe I really need to take a break.