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Video Premiere: Fore - C’est Pas Bon by Ali Boombayé

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Going Back is Not the Same as Staying

Album Review: Fore - Going Back Is Not The Same As Staying [GBINTSAS]

This is a solid album!

Belgian born – educated in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Switzerland, India and America – rapper/producer ‘Fore’, invites us into his world, or more so, his journey with his debut album ‘Going Back is Not the Same as Staying’ (#GBINTAS). Last week Fore released his project for free to the masses via his Soundcloud account. With this album, Fore has taken his vast experiences from travelling and learning in almost all the corners of the world and has heavily translated it into this project - from the cover; which spots imagery inspired by middle eastern culture, Africa and the city he has adopted as home – New York. The cover also carries a display of royalty that can not be ignored, as if Fore wants the world to know that he is carving out his own kingdom from his experiences – pioneering a new type of hip-hop that speaks to many people, particularly those who have been raised and identify with one culture but their passport stating otherwise. 

The music Fore delivers on #GBINTAS is unquestionable, he has filled the project with complex rhymes and clever metaphors; that if you don’t know his story might fly past your head at 500 miles/hr – for instance his song ‘Three Cities’ sounds like any other song about ‘Pussy’, but at close listen it is actually a song about three different cities that he has had a ‘relationship’ with. His love for New York led me to assume that the second verse was about that city, as he stated that, it is the ‘capital of his world’. Fore also explores issues ranging from a troubled view of his father ‘rushing to become the man his mother deserved’ and touching on immigration - in a way I have not heard any other rapper do before, which is understandable since at one point his visa ‘papers had expired like milk behind a furnace’. 

As Fore gets more popular and more exposure he should definitely let the world know that he is also the man behind the production – he has produced 11 out of the 12 tracks and he has proven with this album that he has a PhD in crate digging. The backdrop to his story on this album is told behind some very thick and rich instrumentation, utilizing the use of very lush samples. The music on this project feels very ‘worldly’ but from an East New-York Hip-Hop perspective. The raw emotion and feel of his voice reminds me of a young Tony Starks or if I were to use a more contemporary example, it would be Action Bronson. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to #GBINTAS and I think this is one of those projects I will listen too whenever I want to think about life and whenever I want to explore the emotions that I feel about the world and the restrictions that borders can have on ambition. One of my favourite lines from the project comes from C’est Pa Bon, where he says, ‘I went through all this for a visa? Just to die broke on the street of Amriiika? Nah!’ this line can definitely serve as a daily dose of motivation to any immigrant or any well travelled individual.

A few of the standout tracks for me included, The Train, No Grave, Stars are Born, C’est Pa Bon and Don’t Have a clue. #GBINTSAS will surely service the hip-hop heads, the crate-diggers and the hustlers and it will likely help Fore begin to etch his name into the game. 

AKWL slaps 4 crowns on this bitch! - Boku

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"Cherry Coloured"

…And we’re done.

A year’s worth of work comes down to this, not sure if there’s any more spin necessary. I’ll write real liner notes when I get a chance to see them printed out but quickly, thanks to Arush, MichaelEmeric, Orla and Kenji for the support on this project and My mom, Tendayi and Nancy for the support on everything else.

We’re moving into phase two of the project soon, get excited.

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Fore - Cherry Coloured

by Rohan Blair-Mangat

Starring Dominique Tipper and Nari Blair-Mangat

Produced by Lucile Weigel

Shot and Lit by Benjamin Thomas

Edited by Sam Ostrove @ Cut & Run

Colour by George K @ MPC

Assistant to the Director, Emma Woolrych

Make Up by Alexis Day

Assistant to The DoP Inigo Christie

From the mixtape:

If this song was a Seinfeld episode it would be called “The New York Love Song” if it was a Friends episode, it would be called “The One With All the Red,” but I hated both of those shows, so it’s called Cherry Coloured.

The beat is sampled from one of my favourite 80’s bands, The Cocteau Twins and it really felt like a breakthrough when I completed it. Not a lot of people know that I produce most of my own music, and I really felt like I was discovering something when I made this beat, because I was drawing from a frame of reference that not a lot of people in Hip-Hop were drawing from. My next tape, which I’m working on already, contains a lot of sounds like this, and I think Cherry Coloured and Introduction are probably the most indicative of the sound of that next tape. 

I think this song also shows a lot of what Michael brought to the table, originally he was just supposed to mix the project, but he ended up having such a huge impact on the overall sound that I can’t call him anything less than a co-producer. “Cherry Coloured,” was one of the songs that he gave a completely new life, the demo of it were pretty hip-hop, and he took it in a bigger, more ambient direction and took it to another level.

Even without the title, the original song always made me think of red. It probably sounds weird but the music just feels red. Red is my favourite colour for a lot reasons, and more than that, it felt like a running motif during that time in my life. 

Without getting into all the details, (hint: they’re in the song,) during what was otherwise a low period for me, I was blessed to fall in love with a non-traditional woman, in a non-traditional way and “Cherry Coloured” tells that story.

Listening to it now, it reminds me that the worst of times can also be the best of times.

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New Music: Cherry Coloured - Fore [#GBINTSAS]

We are going to be interviewing Fore soon on Kings Watch but you can get to know him a little before that here. Last night the young king released his second track off the much anticipated Going Back Is Not The Same As Staying [#GBINTSAS] tape that is set to be released on the 6th of March. Cherry Coloured is full of melodies and Fore fully displays how confident he is with his flow but listen otherwise you will miss out the best part, the lyrics from the young poet!

Yesterday we launched and premiered the first song from my first album of the same name.

Going Back is Not the Same as Staying is a labour of love and a snapshot of the last 5 years of my life. It was hard to make and will probably be even harder to talk about, but for the next month I’ll be talking about the album here and releasing new music at

The first song I’m releasing is also the first song on the record, “Introduction,” is something like the thesis statement of the album, which more than anything is about distance.

After I graduated from UNC in 2007, my entire life revolved around waiting. I came home to Zimbabwe and I waited for a new passport, I waited to hear from jobs, I waited for a visa, I waited for gas, I waited for supermarkets to become I waited through blackouts, I waited through water shortages and I waited to find some kind of direction in my life.

Things had changed at home, and everyone seemed to be so desperate and hopeless that I knew I needed to leave Zimbabwe if I was going to find happiness or success. So, after four months in limbo, I flew to New York and became a white collar illegal immigrant, working for an employer who I thought was looking out for me by employing me under the table at a time when no one was willing to sponsor me legally.

So, I was willing to forgive them when my cheques became more and more inconsistent.