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Okay, so, me and my friend have been so confused about the behind the scene of 1D. Like what is the difference of Syco, Modest, and HJPR. I get that HJPR do the legwork when it comes to image/media. But what's the difference between MM and Syco? And how does Sony come in? Or Columbia? Like there is literally gazilion companies related to 1D that we're so confused.

Syco = record label, Simon Cowell in charge

Modest = management company, Richard Griffiths & Harry Magee in charge

HJPR = public relations firm, Jonathan Hackford & Simon Jones in charge

I think Syco used to be under the umbrella of Sony, but now they’re with Columbia. So 1D’s current record deal is with Syco/Columbia (in the US).

In each company’s own words:


Syco Music, also known as Syco Records, is a British record label founded by Simon Cowell in 2002. It is a subsidiary of Syco Entertainment. Syco artists have been phenomenally successfull, selling more than 200 million albums and delivering more than 180 No. 1 records worldwide.


Since forming in 2003, HJPR has established itself as the UK’s leading entertainment PR company. Specialising in the music and TV industries, we represent artists ranging from One Direction, Ant & Dec, Little Mix, Fearne Cotton and McBusted, to Dannii Minogue, Daisy Lowe, Nick Grimshaw and DJ Fresh. A day doesn’t go by when one of our clients is not in the news - whether it’s national newspaper coverage or strong presence in online media.


Modest! Management are a London based Artist Management Company, formed in 2003 by Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee. We manage all aspects of our artists’ careers including writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity.

This has been your One Direction management fuckery primer. LOL

Finished! I saw all seasons of Castle! Last ep was a world of hurt, poor Kate!!! And what the hell happened to Castle, i swear if they harm him I will freakin lose it! I’m already out of my mind as it is.

I’ve got like a gazilion chores that I neglected to do because of this, but it’s worth it, I saw the eps before the season starts. Don’t even know when that is, but its gotta be the same week as NCIS I guess. One more thing to look forward to.I’ll do some writing about a few things that caught my attention.