listentotheshityousay, my darling, you’ve already written one destructive Sherlock fic AU. Why not Performance In A Leading Role!Hartwin AU? 

Harry can be the serious actor, Eggsy is the king of romcoms, or vice versa, to make art imitate life, with Harry as the romcom hero, and Eggsy as the young fresh prodigy. I don’t care, give me either, give me both. 

They star in a gay romance drama called “All the King’s Men”, staying close to the PIALR plot of grief and hospital politics; Harry plays a long-term coma patient who slowly learns how to live again while learning the circumstances of his injury, and Eggsy plays a frequent hospital visitor who grows close to Harry to forget his own grief at pulling the plug on his terminal father (later revealed to be assisted suicide). 

Harry and Eggsy. Fall. In. Love.

Merlin is Harry’s agent, Roxy is Eggsy’s agent, and Gazelle is the novelist/scriptwriter, and Valentine is the esoteric director who tells Harry and Eggsy that they go together like oxfords and brogues.

qouinette-not asked:

WAH YOUR ART <333 your blocking, as in.. inking game is so on point! i love how bold your lines are yet you still manage to make movements look natural. i just absolutely adore your art. here's hoping for more Gazelle fanart hehe :) have a good day and stay awesome dear!

Gazelle for you! Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video!
Thank you very much :)

The first shot of my whole Kingsman group. :3

Merlin is Doug
Roxy is Ashley
Gazelle is Sam ( snoipahs )
Eggsy is Hollie ( sniperplushie )
And I am Harry Hart

I am so beyond happy to have gotten to shoot with these fabulous mother fuckers.
They were all just too perfect~<3