Aftermath of the Peshawar attack. Please take a few minutes out of your routine and pray for the ones that had to witness this, pray for the mothers that were greeted with the dead bodies of their children, pray for the fathers that had to collect the corpse of their children drenched in blood, pray for the siblings left wounded forever.

The school that I go to stands at the fourth level of threat from the Taliban, when there are only five levels.

If they thought we would give up education and lose hope, they were wrong. We stand as strong as ever. Humanity stands strong, against this brutality. We will not back down. We are not afraid.

We will not back down.

Please do NOT forget Ferguson

Do NOT forget Palestine

Do NOT forget Gaza

Do NOT forget Hong Kong

Do NOT forget Mexico

Do NOT forget the suffering of people around the world. Do NOT forget the injustice around the world. Do NOT forget the imbalance in this world.

Resistance isn’t a crime.

Murder is a crime.

Occupation is a crime

Free Ferguson, Free Palestine, Free Gaza, Free Hong Kong, Free Mexico. Free the world from injustice and impurity.