The war has destroyed more than 25 schools and has damaged a little over 200.
Some half million Gaza children made a delayed return to school on Sunday after a devastating 50-day war with Israel that killed more than 2,100 Palestinians and damaged hundreds of school buildings.


Back to school in Gaza: As hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children returned to school in Gaza on Sunday, Azhar recited a poem eulogising her father, killed by Israeli shelling in the enclave’s recent conflict.

"Daddy, what can I tell you, if I say I love you it’s not enough," the nine-year-old, who was beginning the fourth grade, read to a classroom of teary children."Today is the first day of school, so even though my dad was martyred in the war — I’m happy," she told AFP with a smile.

Azhar’s father Tamer Jundiyeh was killed in an air strike on the Shejaiya neighbourhood, orphaning her and her five younger siblings.

"I’m scared the war will start again," she told AFP, recalling the missiles from Israeli aircraft that hit her house and killed her father.

Azhar’s classmate Isra shook as she spoke of the Israeli raid that killed her grandfather and aunt.

"The martyrs and wounded were lying in front of us, we were very scared," the nine-year-old told AFP. "My grandfather and auntie Layla were killed, I saw them in our house."

Another classmate, Doa, had lost her school uniform after her house was destroyed, and came to class wearing regular clothes.

Art Spiegelman

Perspective in Gaza (the David and Goliath illusion)

US (2014)


According to the Arty Semite:

Art Spiegelman — celebrated comics book artist, illustrator and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Maus” — has broken his silence on the subject of Israel. At least that’s how he put it to his Facebook followers last week when he shared a collage he designed for a recent issue of the magazine The Nation.

Prefacing the social media post by saying that he has spent a “lifetime trying to NOT think about Israel,” Spiegelman went on to say that “Israel is like some badly battered child with PTSD who has grown up to batter others.”

In case you haven’t heard of Maus, it’s one of THE most iconic artworks based on the Holocaust, rendered in graphic novel format, based on the memories of Spiegelman’s dad. The article rightly points out that Spiegelman could’ve broken his silence a little earlier, when he could’ve had some freaking impact, but I’m still pretty damn glad he’s spoken out.


This poor father is in shock, trying to put his little boy back together again. I can not imagine the intense pain that parents are going through. It Must be worse than hell. Nowords can express it. And then, as if to rub salt into the wounds, Israeli propagandists claim that Palestinian fathers want them to die to go to heaven and have the 75 virgins ?????? WTF ???

Israel Is the United States' Biggest Welfare Recipient

Israel Is the United States’ Biggest Welfare Recipient

Americans are dealing with their own economic issues; budget cuts in the public sector, unemployment, high taxes, and low wages are hitting home the hardest. However, what most Americans don’t realize is that this economic instability and decline in quality of life could be demonstrably improved by cutting U.S. foreign aid to the greatest welfare recipient and benefactor of American…

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