While visiting the people of Khuza, Khanyounis. we were reduced to tears by the dreadful conditions they are forced to live in. The caravans (the container homes)are unsanitary and cramped — sometimes with a dozen people per container — and makeshift additions, built from wood and scrap metal, have been attached. The toilet is completely open to the crater of rubble out back. We made the people a promise that we would tell the world about their misery in the container homes. These containers are intended to be an alternative to the homes that were destroyed by the Israeli war planes in the last offensive.
By Wafa Al-Udaini from Gaza . 3 June 2015


Barbaric Israeli terrorist forces beat up elderly Palestinian, Abu Khalid, while demolishing the family home in Silwan, Occupied Jerusalem.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Israeli Naval Forces Wound Two Fishers and Arrest Five Others, including Child in Gaza Sea

Do you know how many times did the Israeli army break the truce since the last offensive ?
The aggression never stopped against  farmers and fishermen.
Non of the agreements were proved on the ground and nothing has changed here after the truce agreement last year . But now its time for them and their media to cry and moan over some rockets fired from the oppressed side to break the silence and wake up the world..!!!

anonymous asked:

what's happening in Gaza?

Okay, so, In the first quarter of 2015, Israeli occupation forces killed one Palestinian civilian and wounded a further 16 in the Gaza Strip. In the three months January-March, there were six military incursions - when Israeli forces invade the Gaza Strip then withdraw - and 67 shooting attacks on land and at sea (these are conservative figures, taken from UN OCHA, PCHR-Gaza, and media sources). (x)

And so, hours ago,  “A rocket was fired from Gaza. Unclear by who or if it’s retaliation for Israel’s hundreds of ceasefire violations” (x) 

Thus, Israel, being well Israel, decided to bomb most of Gaza.


Egyptian Soccer Star Mohamed Abo treka wearing a T-shirt that reads “Sympathize with Gaza,” during An African Cup of Nations match. in 2008

لم ولن ننسى لأبو تريكة موقفه النبيل بإشهار قميص يدعو إلى دعم غزة أثناء الاحتفال بهدف في كأس الأمم الأفريقية  لتنبيه العالم إلى معاناة اهل غزة