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Louisa i'm very sad bc zayn from 1d is being an idiot but i still love him. Kaisoo is my only source of strength now, please make me happy :(((((((((((((

awww noooo my poor darling i will make you happier again! <3

finger um wanking?

and during? nini what is that face

jongin wants in


being dweebs

soo totes not staring

come here pls

asking for a blow job making fun of his lipgloss


sitting on dick

and sitting on his lap

being silly

u can look but u can’t touch him cause hes mine k


bored babies


nini likes soos dancing


notice me


istg nini is the cutest human being ever

soos face tho



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Louisa unnie! If it's not too much to ask, would you gift me with KaiSoo body appreciation for my burfday? Cinco de Mayo baby in the house lol. We're the same age for a while! (≧∇≦)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOVS MY BEAUTIFUL DARLING <3 i hope you have a wonderful birthday! yesssss hehe i love you <3

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so kyungsoo said he listens to uptown funk a lot lately and i remebered jongin also said he listens to it a lot lately too. now i'm getting images of kyungsoo singing the song and jongin dancing to it goofily then kyungsoo starts smiling and then they're laughing and jongin takes kyungsoo's hand and they start dancing to the song together like a bunch of silly geese. then when the music stops and they're both exhausted, kyungsoo starts singing "when your legs don't work like they used to before"

oh god stop im gonna cry

This has showed up in my life ever since I really started to get into he things I am passionate about and I love.
“How can you be a Christian and like gays? How can you be a Christian and support same sex marriage? How can you be a Christian and like incest (typically this one gets paired with Hidashi and Elsanna)?” Etc. Etc. For those of you who didn’t get that, I am a christian. Now let me Tell you why I’m doing this rant.
Because what I have as my religion and what I chose as my belief for the foreseeable future, doesn’t matter in what I chose to like or not like. Let me explain.
Religion is by definition an particular worship or system of belief. Being a Christian, I believe that God created the world yadda yadda let’s not get into that. Anyways, Religion is mostly just a base set of rules that you follow to be in whatever faith you’re in. That’s it. Now what irks me is that people don’t seem to get a simple point.
Religion is just rules you can follow if you *choose* to. There so no you have to follow these rules if you don’t. Just because I am a Christian, *does not* mean I need to follow the does of Christianity. Its my choice whether or not I like incest in *fictional characters* and making fictional characters gay, and if in my religion says I can’t well its my choice whether to follow that rule or not isn’t it? In my faith it says God gave us free will. And what we do with tat free will is up to us, whether we worship him, follow a few things, or disagree. It’s our choice, so if we do it or not, that’s our own fault.
And in the end of the day, they’re still just that. Fictional characters.
Yes, I am a Christian that likes yaoi and Hidashi, but no, religion doesn’t matter. Its my choice to follow that rule or not.

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I don't get people who use the 'South Korean Men are more touchy feely' argument (which I'm guessing you get A LOT). Because yes, they clearly are, that's obvious. But what's also obvious is the difference between that friendly affectionate touching and touching out of need and attraction. Kaisoo crossed that line ages ago and neeeeeever looked back. ;)

ikr they blame it on that a lot saying it’s just bros being bros but i mean is it bros to grab your bros dick in public nah