Following in the footsteps of businesses like Groupon, a new daily deals site called Gaypon caters specifically to the LGBT community.

Businesses featured on the site will be known gay-friendly businesses, with most deals in Michigan and many soon to appear in other areas. The site will use tools like HRC’s Corporate Equality Index to decide what businesses to include.

Huh. What do you think?

  • T:someone just sent me this:
  • T:btw gaypon is the worst sounding name ever
  • Z:it sounds like a gay tampon
  • Z:that is awful
  • Z:gaypons, for cooters that like other cooters
  • Z:what the balls
  • Z:is it real?
  • T:you know...i can't tell.
  • T:their video says "life, discounted" it should say "life, gay" meet Mr and Mrs Rainbow

Gay’s, Art Gallery’s and Rock Bands are synonymous for fashion and real estate trends. Once a target of stereotypes and isolation, the LGBT community (+ heterosexuals) can now benefit from discounts through GayPon. GayPon selects businesses that are credited and marked as gay-friendly. A repeat business model but the perfect target audience to drive market share in the competitive coupon world.

"Gaypon was founded by Robert Graham, formerly of Clear Channel Radio, and Jadon Buszta. It’s based in West Bloomfield, Michigan, which is where the majority of the deals are now located. Deals are forthcoming in NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego and Phoenix, says Graham." TECHCRUNCH

(Who knew a bountiful of gays lived in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I also think the founders forgot about Miami).


* LGBT’s are loyal customers and are willing to pay a premium from companies that cater to them.

* 5/11 -  J. Crew’s new catalog includes an explicit ad of a same-sex couple.  

* 6 states + Washington DC have legalized gay marriage.

* LGBT spending will exceed $769 billion this year.

Adding the LGBT community to your business plan will provide a competitive edge and will likely help you achieve your sales goals.

BTL and Gaypon partner to offer lgbt daily deals

Pride Source Media Group, publishers of Between The Lines, has partnered withGaypon, an online couponing company, to provide LGBT-friendly “deals of the day” and couponing opportunities. Pride Source Deals, Powered by Gaypon, will launch their first collaborative online deal in the first week of April.

"Many of our advertisers have asked us for a coupon product, and we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Gaypon. They have the technical ability and political sensibilities that make them a great partner for our readers and our advertisers," said Jan Stevenson, co-publisher and advertising sales manager of BTL.

Gay-Friendly Deals to be Found With the Launch of New Website

Gaypon to partner with local, regional and national businesses to offer coupons and discounts to consumers in the LGBT and allied communities

DETROIT, MI/PRNewswire/ — Gaypon, an online source for coupons and discounts provided by gay-friendly businesses, today announced the official launch of its website  The site provides its subscribers with daily offers from local, regional and national businesses that welcome and support consumers from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and allied communities.  

"Gaypon gives you the opportunity to receive awesome discounts on everything from dining, nightlife and entertainment to the latest gadgets, fashion and fitness," said Gaypon Founder & CEO, Robert Graham.  "You don’t have to be part of the LGBT community to participate with Gaypon.  Our online community is a place where individuals who believe in equal and fair employment practices can find great deals and support businesses that share the same philosophy."  

The Benefits of Being A Gaypon Subscriber

There is no cost to become a subscriber and registration can be completed at  Gaypon subscribers, once registered, will receive coupons and discounts via email with a limited timeframe for purchase.  After a deal is purchased, a coupon or unique coupon-code will arrive via email.  The subscriber can then present the coupon to a business for redemption or enter the coupon-code at the merchant’s website.  

Giving Back to the Community

Gaypon gives back to local and national LGBT organizations and charities with a portion of proceeds being donated.  ”Through our support of nonprofits, Gaypon gives our subscribers more than one reason to feel good about their purchase,” said Graham.

How Businesses Can Be Featured on Gaypon

"A business does not have to be gay-owned to be featured on Gaypon, just proud to support a diverse workforce and customer base," said Graham.  Before a business can become participating merchant, Gaypon performs a background check for complaints of discrimination and/or poor hiring practices.  Gaypon also uses additional tools to evaluate potential businesses for corporate policies and practices such as the Human Rights Campaign’s "Corporate Equality Index," which rates Americans businesses on LGBT equality.

For more information about Gaypon, visit