gaynike said:

Okay, I think i've had enough of these pussy anons telling you you're ugly and shit. First of all 'ANONS', this girl is beautiful and you're probably not even as beautiful as her to be honest. Can't judge a book by it's cover and what I see is that this girl is perfect. I'm pretty sure i'm not blind. You have NO reason to judge her when you don't know her. So fuck off

Thank you!! that’s honestly so sweet of you to say :$ aw xo

gaynike said:

Sorry to be so random but I just read what your dream guy is. That is honestly the sweetest thing. Kind of hard to find those types of guys ey?

hehe aw :’)

and yeah it really is, i mean i do find them. but then they never know that im gonna get overally attached then they end things with me hahaaha