gay geek

I hope that one day I have a cute little apartment or house and I have a cute little girlfriend who smells great and laughs at my jokes.
I hope she’s comfortable enough with just walking around in one of my shirts and some undies or something.
Well plant her a fucking garden so she can have flowers everyday and we’ll make brownies and watch Star Trek, hell, I’ll even watch Star Wars if it’s what she likes.
I’ll tuck her in and make her hot cocoa when she needs it.
Rub her feet and back.
Take her out if she wants.
Carry her to bed when she’s had to much to drink.
Hold her hair back when she’s sick.
I’ll buy that new book she’s been hearing so much about.
Take her to see her favorite band when they come to town.
Take her on drives at 3am because she can’t sleep and she wants to look at the stars.
I’ll always protect her, even If she doesn’t need it.
I will have so much love to give her and I dare anyone to tell me it’s a sin.
I want to look at her every morning and see sunshine in her smile, even when it’s pouring rain.
I hope I can find this someday.

I don’t normally post pictures like this, but I’m finally feeling okay with my body. I don’t have washboard abs or awesome pecs, but I still think my body is beautiful. Regardless of your body size, I think everyone is beautiful.