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AN UPDATE I finally managed it. Only two chapters left to go, what am I even going to do how is that possible. Much thanks to ariadneslostthread and diminutive-fox for being my ever wonderful support system for this story, you guys are essentially the best.

Chapter 39: Life has a funny way of going on, even when you think it might have stopped in it’s tracks. Flashes of happiness appear in the strangest moments. The Amis recieve a letter from Musichetta in Paris. Javert returns for another visit, facing some conversations he is ready for and some that he isn’t, learning about the art of apology and that forgiveness can only come in time. But for the first time in his life, it is possible that he knows what hope is. What mercy is. Combeferre seeks out the second opinion of another doctor about Enjolras’ leg injury. For the remaining Amis, for Valjean, Cosette, Marius, and Gavroche, there is something of a new beginning on the horizon, fraught with loss but edged with potential and new found family. 

Yes, again with the fan art for World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile / idiopath-fic-smile

This might be the last one? Depends on how energetic I’m feeling. But at least now I’ve drawn all the main characters. (I really should finish these and not just post sketches but… meh.)

The earlier ones: 

Feuilly, Bahorel, Musichetta, Joly, Bossuet

Jehan, Courf, Enjolras, Combeferre, Marius, Cosette

Éponine’s outfit

Also! It occurs to me that I’ve barely replied at all to all the wonderful nice comments people have given me for these pictures so… Sorry for taking so long and thank you so much. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I’m glad you all liked them as unfinished as they are. I did see all the comments and likes and such and I was all ecstatic and stuff but then I didn’t know how to reply so I kind of… didn’t.

This one is unfinished too… orz But hey, at least it has a background this time!

ETA: Oh man, I should have waited for the next chapter! I’d have put more bat stuff in. (I did remember that R mentioned bats earlier, that’s why there’s a bat drawing and a bat poster. (Also because I LOVE BATS TOO EEE.)) And more astronomy stuff. I was actually just in the last minute considering hiding a telescope somewhere in the piles of stuff because I figured the constellation stickers might be a hint that he was into astronomy but then I couldn’t be bothered to add it. I’m at least gonna turn the globe into a star globe. Or maybe add a star globe.

20 Les Mis Themed Asks for your Followers to get to know you
  • Valjean:Have you ever wanted to get away from something? What was it?
  • Javert:What is your latest obsession?
  • Bishop Myriel:Are you religious or do you believe in a higher power?
  • Fantine:Would you do anything for someone you loved?
  • Thénardier:Have you ever deliberately scammed someone or stolen something?
  • Eponine:Have you ever been the victim of unrequited love?
  • Gavroche:What was the coolest thing you did as a child?
  • Marius:Are you often joked about amongst your friends?
  • Cosette:Who is the love of your life?
  • Enjolras:Would you risk your life for a cause you believe in?
  • Courfeyrac:How many romantic partners have you ever had?
  • Combeferre:What is the name of the last book that you read?
  • Feuilly:Have you ever taught yourself how to do something? What was it?
  • Joly:What do you do to stay healthy?
  • Lesgles/Bossuet:What is one of the worst things that has ever happened to you?
  • Musichetta:Have you ever been involved with two people at once?
  • Prouvaire:Where, or in what, do you find beauty or solace?
  • Grantaire:List one of your greatest vices and a talent that makes up for it.
  • Bahorel:Have you ever been in a fight? Describe the circumstances surrounding it.
  • Montparnasse:Who is the worst person you've ever worked for?