Sept. 22 10:56 am

Boys night at Mascalzone in Houston.

When the Calamari arrived, I moved the kids coloring menu off the table, and when I turned back around the little gavone had picked up the lemon and was squeezing over the calamari as he’d seen me do before.  The force is strong with this one. 

Also… copious amounts of pizza, hand gestures like Isaac from the Love Boat (no clue where he got that), and an Aperol Spritz.  It was a good night. 


Just a trip to the mall for some supplies and then back to the hideout. That was what this was supposed to be. There was nothing unusual about a blonde in huge sunglasses buying makeup. That part had gone without a hitch. Now Harley was in the home stretch, boarding the elevator to return to the below-ground parking garage. Holy shit, is that Melly? Keep your eyes averted and she won’t notice. You’ve got a gun anyway.

Of course, seeing as this was Gotham, something was bound to go wrong.


The elevator malfunctioned soon after the doors were closed. There were no noises signaling it was still working. It just stopped.

"Of all tha’ people I haveta’ be stuck with, I haveta’ be stuck with a gavone."

anonymous said:

there's not a doubt in my mind that luke was killed off because of lexi porter and cluke. i'm not saying it was a last minute decision, it could have as well been during the 3rd episode like you said but the writers were obviously stupid enough to let a fanfic ruin such a great character. i don't even blame lexi, i blame telltale for being a stupid piece of shit company. at least i can agree with lexi on one thing-- i'm not playing season 3 if luke is not in it.

They didn’t kill him off because of Lexi. Gavon Hammon confirmed that on his account a while back. That guy that said he has a friend that has a friend who works for Telltale? Yeah, that wasn’t true at all. More of a publicity stunt if you could call it that. 

I don’t know who you are, but you seem like a hardcore Luke fan. I don’t blame you, I am too. But don’t let one character ruin your experience of the game. I have a special feeling that Season 3 is more of a clean up Season, meaning, they’re going to do better with it so they can clean up the mess that was Season 2. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with another character, a new character, just as I will. It’s part of the game, we’ve gotta get used to that kind of stuff. But don’t forget your roots, #LukeForever. 

Linus just ate the rest of Lola’s dinner and poor FIevel is sitting here staring into the empty bowl because his gavone of a brother (who’s SMALLER than him) ate the whole fucking thing.

And I’m sitting here sick to my stomach really wishing that I had someone to take care of me and cuddle with me. Ugh.