Other Olympics by Oly-RRR

Occasionally the cops get pissed and start talking gibberish. Occasionally that gibberish makes a surprising amount of sense.

Paralympics: 3 minute long mention around the end of news

Talk about equality, eh?

Llane Moore, Gavin McDonald and Ed “Chance” Chauncey - best friends, worst pub quiz team!


I’m still doing this meme - these prompts are from scienceoftheidiot (it was on DA but feel free to request more here, you all).

Russell asleep - the kid hasn’t had his room modified in any way since he lost his sight, both because his parents were busy with other things and because he doesn’t let anyone do anything to his room. Considering how fast interests change at that age he is going to be embarrassed by his posters and toys soon, considering that none of his friends want to hang with him now he doesn’t care.

Chauncey doing something he doesn’t normally do - Chauncey doesn’t wear t-shirts in public. Except when it’s really hot outside because we all know a few days with weather like that make you want to take off anything that won’t get you arrested for indecent exposure in public. Gavin is invoking Rule 34, Chance might invoke a left-handed punch to the teeth.

Guy Hoyle as a kid - he had a pretty happy childhood. Sort of… not sheltered but also not tough enough to mess him up.

And Tripod with a friend - Tripod doesn’t really have any friends his age. Children learn to socialise either when parents hang out with other parents or when a bunch of kids end up together in some group. Tripod’s parents never were the kind to organise playdates and Tripod didn’t even go to school regularly before he met Silas so he never learned how to act around other kids. He did learn how to act likeable enough around adults because it was essential for his survival. So Tripod sticks to other adults Silas knows, in a clingy and somewhat manipulative way troubled children often have. Tripod’s closest friend is Ace because Ace is amiable and kind enough to be nice to the kid, doesn’t mind playing childish games and sort of relates to how isolated Tripod feels.

Gavin Interview Teaser
  • Paper Route Fans:Describe the impact music has made on your life.
  • Gavin:I'm not sure I can do this answer justice with words. Music creates an emotion, or an array of emotions depending on what it is. It's hard to explain. From the time I was 10 or 11 I started to recognize these emotions, and it's been my heart beat ever since.
  • Paper Route Fans:If you could trade places with any other person for a week...famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional..with whom would it be?
  • Gavin:Yann Tiersen. He's my favorite solo artist and to make the beautiful music that he has for one week would be incredibly fulfilling.
  • Paper Route Fans:What is your weirdest habit? (That you are aware of, or that people have told you about)
  • Gavin:Sleepwalking. I do really weird things in my sleep.

Those Kids by Oly-RRR

Right on, so you probably remember those meddling kids? I didn’t tell you the full story.

Their school has a second wing. It’s a wing where kids with learning disabilities go. Teague has never been there and has never crossed the yard to talk to them but he calls the place the Vegetable Patch and tells his classmates nothing good comes from there.

The kids on the other side of the yard don’t have a name for the opposite side of the yard where Teague is from but they have a few names for Teague. They can’t pronounce those but still.

This also isn’t a full story. This isn’t even all the characters involved (this is why I shouldn’t have been allowed to read War and Peace - never let young impressionable minds know a book over 15 pages is possible if you don’t have much else to do with your life). But it’s a slightly fuller story than before and this means more stories ahead…

Oh, and if you want to know more I started updating charahub more diligently.