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The Slow Mo Guys -Slapping Sam Pepper in Slow Motion

I figure now might be a good time to bring back this old video in light of recent events

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anonymous said:

haywoods I LOVE your art, it's some of my favorite RT/AH work on tumblr. would you consider drawing a King Gavin excitedly knighting Micoo to the Order of Donuts or something cute and stupid like that?


I forgot that Gavin called people “donuts” until like halfway through and wound up adding the bottom Michael after I finished the top half

Gavin: So what qualifications do you get between the ages of 16 and 18 in the US?
Ryan: You get a high school diploma and a ‘fuck off’.
Gavin: So it’s nothing specific, everyone’s the same thing? So you just end up with a piece of paper that says ‘school’ on it?
Ryan: Yeah, basically. I’m not saying it’s a good system.
Gavin: ‘Please employ me. I done school!’
—  Let’s Play Cloudberry Kingdom part 8