intoninganchorite asked:

⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ❤❤❤ haH

I’m gonna do one more for Gudask, and then two for my ladies~

Gudask Part III: Return of the One Night Stand

  • If he puts you in control, he is going to expect you to bend him over and make him sore. Don’t disappoint him.


  • She severely enjoys being pushed around, and the lower or higher blooded you are, the more she enjoys it.


  • Arenya is the girl who will tie you up, and tease you for as long as she pleases, before she even thinks about giving the person relief.

Glares at you and puts a

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tentadicky asked:

HMMMM SEXUAL QUESTIONS.... Gausia favorite position :U. also Gudask is there anyone you would bang that you recently met/know(dumb question fight me)

CC: “-… W-well, uhm… I kind@ just like to be, uh. On my b@ck. Or uh, doggy style. Those @re like, the only things th@t come to mind!!! Now stop @sking! =:c-“

TB: “Eh, I gUEss. I AInt rEAlly All thAt AttrActEd tO tAkEn chIcks, bUt mOst Of thE pEOplE I mEEt ArE prEtty dAmn sExy lOOkIng”

anonymous asked:

gausia how do you choose 2 seduce people tell me

-… I, don’t? I me@n, why would you even come to me with questions like th@t?! Why c@n’t people @sk @bout wh@t new invention I @m coming up with, or wh@t music I like, or how hot I find the l@dies or something!-

-Ok@y don’t @sk @bout th@t l@st one. @t @ll. Ever.-

anonymous asked:

Pick two of your trolls with conflicting lifestyles and then describe their average dinner.

Alright, should be easy enough.

Arenya has a lot of money on hand,  and is one hell of a socialite, so her average dinner includes her going out to one of the more fancy restaurants in the nearby city. She wines, dines, probably spends a few moments at the bar speaking to people and the bartender. After all that work, she goes back to her table, eats her excessively fancy seafood dinner, orders a coffee for dessert, and goes on her way afterwards.

The closest to complete opposite would have to be Gausia, who honestly probably forgets to eat dinner more often than not, and merely snacks on food all day. When she does have dinner, it’s usually at hive, with her dinner consisting of a handmade vegan dish. Most often than not, it’s a salad, but there are times where she makes some of her favorites, like tofu stir fry, bean chili, and stuffed eggplant.