Because I can’t help myself, and since it was going to be Valentine’s Day at Katsucon, I simply had to make the Valentione’s Event clothing from FFXIV!

(I’m afraid I have a problem, and I’m going to end up making all of Gaufrier’s clothing…:P)

I got some good pics, but you can always check out more of them at my cosplay page: Karmada Cosplay.

Hopefully your Valentione’s Day was a lovely one!


I can’t believe I completely forgot to post these here! Last summer I totally made the FFXIV Sailor costume (in my particular dyed color because NO TO WHITE PANTS).

I then had the opportunity to go visit Midoricon in OH which happened to be on Lake Erie (we won’t talk about the algae bloom that made the water scary), and the beach was at least a really nice backdrop for some photos! :)

And yes! the pouch IS functional!

As always, more cosplay photos can be found at karmada cosplay

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The day is finally here! Gauf finally gets to live his dream as a chocobo racing jockey!


…no I totally haven’t been designing my outfit for this since I started playing… Nooooooo not at all….

(Sorry for the photo, I’m waylaid today cause our water is off for repairs. Also birb drawn from memory so there may be inaccuracies XD )