“I like the idea of a motto,” she goes on. “I think an inspirational quote can get you through hard times.”
“Like what?” asks Gat.
Mirren pauses. Then she says: “Be a little kinder than you have to.”
We are all silenced by that. It seems impossible to argue with.
Then Johnny says, “Never eat anything bigger than your ass.”
“You ate something bigger than your ass?” I ask.
He nods, solemn.
“Okay, Gat,” says Mirren. “What’s yours?”
“Don’t have one.”
“Come on.”
“Okay, maybe.” Gat looks down at his fingernails. “Do not accept an evil you can change.”
“I agree with that,” I say. Because I do.


Recently we connected the well-known and much-loved centenarian marathon runner of the UK Mr Fauja Singh, affectionately referred to as the ‘turbaned tornado’… in touch with an international campaign on behalf of Gatwick Airport in the UK. They have unveiled him as part of a national competition as the officially oldest jet-setting UK citizen. Fauja Singh is renowned worldwide for having started running marathons whilst in his 80’s, and who now at the ripe old age of 101 years old is still running and inspiring people from all cultures and ages worldwide. 

Mr Singh also recently carried the Olympic torch during the London Games, and as part of this Gatwick campaign he took part in this photo shoot last week and has also been awarded two return tickets from Gatwick and hotel accommodation in Las Vegas on British Airways. 

Singh said in the release via a translator:

“One of the most precious things in life to me is being able to see the world and have new experiences and I don’t plan to give up anytime soon so it’s great to see that Gatwick is encouraging others to do the same. My favourite travel experiences are those which have involved running a marathon. I have never been to Las Vegas but believe there is marathon there in December!”

Terminal operations head Paul Fitch said on behalf of Gatwick airport, “We were thrilled to see from our search that so many people are continuing to travel later in life – and at 101, Fauja Singh is truly an inspiration for travellers around the world! We hope that through our ongoing improvements to Gatwick’s services and facilities for passengers with reduced mobility we can help more people to travel and realise their dreams, even if they are not quite as spritely as Mr Singh!”

"I run, whilst talking to God" quotes Mr Singh… we salute his great spirit and the inspiration he invokes in all who hear about him. 


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