I love the different universals we have in the black community. The fact that we all went through school learning how to make music with just our palms, knuckles, fists and pencils in classrooms and lunch tables is something that is so beautiful to me. I mean just think about it. I could travel to the entire other coast of this country and find me a elementary, middle or high school and start playing something as simple as the Gatorade beat and there could be kids around me joining, adding to the beat. I’d hear pen clicks, little adlibs, a dude getting ready to freestyle and who taught us that? It’s just something we have inside of ourselves. That little speck of black culture is so widely understood throughout the culture and we all went through it. It’s a microcosm of the bigger picture of why I love black people.

March 3, 2012

I went shopping today and from what I brought home, I think it says a lot about me. I bought pens, books and sunglasses. My brother, in comparison bought a super long internet cable and lead. Oh, and I went to the optometrist today.

It’s also raining and I wore a cardigan and a singlet. The cardigan was crappy in protecting my hair. 

It’s nice now though. The rain makes everything feel so much more cosy and I remember this one time when I was in my room, in my bed and tucked in with a nice book. I can’t exactly remember the book’s title but it was really, well, I don’t know the word for it. It was warm and comfortable yet much more. The rain had also cast clouds and so my room had a grey cover poured on top. I don’t think my lamp was on that time but if it was, it would’ve provided a soft warm golden glow. 

anonymous asked:

Omg the ET video talks about how Calvin KISSED her hand while they were at dinner! Swoons

i just spat out my fooking Gatorade are you kidding me????????? that’s such a “You’re the King baby I’m your Queen” move right there.. WAIT WAIT LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT: she fed him pizza, they held hands, she put his hand on her heart, he kissed her hand. I AM SO FAR GONE WHY IS MY OTP ON SOME FANFIC SHIT RIGHT NOW THEY’RE SLITTING MY THROAT WITH A DULL KNIFE BYE.