Last Mark spam for this Wednesday, I promise.

Lets just take a moment to appreciate the utterly crazy, weird, odd, funny, wonderful and occasionally disturbing, array of facial expressions Mark can perform.

He has such a wonderfully expressional face. Even at his most derpy/dorky/caught-me-at-an-unattractive-moment look I still love him.

I remember listening to the commentary by Sam Elliot for The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, where he mentioned that Hugo Weaving has such an unfortunate face. At the time I thought it was rather rude as I also love Hugo Weaving but I think I can see where he is coming from and I feel this applies to Mark also.

They are not classically handsome but they have unique, highly distinguished and recognisable faces. Much like Jim Carrey, they seem to be made of rubber and can contort into all manner of shapes and poses It is good for acting and it is good for certain roles. It leads to a whole manner of brilliant expressions and doesn’t lock them into the ‘stand there and look pretty and pouty’ portrayals.


Did I just do a collection of close up crotch shots for Gatiss Wednesday?

Ashamedly, or not so ashamedly, yes I did.

I am so sorry for my dirty mind, I feel there is a decency line somewhere and I may have just crossed it, but enjoy nonetheless!

Lets just all take a minute to appreciate a part of Mark I know some of us would want to get to know better ;)